June 11, 2008

Our Outting For The Day

It gets boring when you don't work much. We're trying to find little things to do every day. Friday we went to a small town close to us and went through all their little stores. They have a real nice antique store, a few craft stores and stores that sell a bunch of different kinds of things. We also got both dogs groomed - they needed it and with this hot weather, are much more comfortable I'm sure. Monday we didn't do much, I got caught up on laundry. Yesterday we went grocery shopping. Today I was going to get the oil changed in my SUV but never got around to it. Instead I had an extra older kiddo in daycare and while my mom was watching the younger ones, I took him and T2 to the park. It was hot and I don't know why I thought I could just sit in the car and read? Now we're getting ready to make steaks on the grill and relax in the A/C.

I'm not sure what kind of animal these bones are from, but T2 found them:

T2 (in red) and daycare boy:

I found this to go over my kitchen window at one of the craft stores:

1 Comment:

Kellan said...

Cute thingy over the window!

Cool bones - Little Billy finds bones a lot too.

Thanks for reminding me of the grooming - I set an appt. for our 2 dogs for 7:00 in the morning and would have completely forgotten about it if not for your reminder.

Take care - see you soon - Kellan