June 4, 2008

We Have A Turtle

T1 and I found a turtle today on the side of the road. We have found a home for him so he'll spend the night tonight in our garage in a big plastic container with rocks, water, leaves and pea pods (cause we read they like those) and be off to his new home tomorrow. He was obviously out of his environment when we found him and since T2 was not with me and T1 and I are huge wimps, some very nice guys helped me get him. They stopped thinking I needed gas (how nice!) and happened to be in their work van which happened to have a little cardboard box and tape. That was a good thing because I'm not sure how I would have gotten him home.


Kellan said...

In my back yard - as I write this - in a large plastic container just like yours, Little Billy has a tree lizard (pretty large lizard). I keep begging him to let the thing go, but NO! He'd love to have that turtle.

Thanks for stopping by - nice to see you. Take care - Kellan

Terra Hangen said...

You are so good to rescue the handsome little turtle, and to release it in water. They are so slow moving; I'm sure the turtle is happy today.