January 19, 2009

Not Even In Office Yet...

...and spending OUR money like crazy. And for a ONE day event?!

Thank Bush, for declaring a "federal emergency" so that Obama's Inauguration can be as big and bling bling as he wants it. What's the cost up to now? $150 MILLION?


Funny, only a mere $15 million is needed for security and that's for FOUR days of it!

Hmmm, how about this custom Cadillac limo he needs to ride in? I can't find a cost, but I'm sure it's not cheap. And the balloons... wonder how much those are costing us?

In recent years, new Presidents RAISED FUNDS for this event (or at least had a committee to do it). OK OK we'll give some credit to Prez O... he DID raise $41 million. However, that's not even a third of the cost.

Are ya'll sure he was the best choice? Really?

BTW... I'd be saying the same thing if it were McCain using this money UNwisely!