November 9, 2010

9 Days and 2 Posts Later

Here I am trying to get into some online freelance writing and I can't even blog a sentence every day for a month. Let's hope that doesn't make it on my resume.

Well, and the fact that the picture below is just too adorable to move down the page!! I just. couldn't. do. it. (Do people still use periods like that?) I'm so out of the "blogging loop".

I've noticed bloggers using "headings" in their posts more lately and I'm liking it. I haven't tried doing it yet, but I think someday I will catch on.

I'm all sorts of behind on posting the goings-on in our lives and in some ways, it's just because I can't. Mr. R and I are doing a little court tango over the baby and it's nasty and ugly but we're getting along at the moment. Last week was the first time he got Baby T by himself. It went fine and he has been nice and decent and that makes it OH so much easier to hand my baby over to him. It is what it is. I think we'll be ok. We have to be.

I think my SAD is back. I hate this time of year. I love fall, I just don't like the cold weather and less sunlight that goes along with it. I have been grouchy and irritable and my skin is dry and I don't feel like doing anything - and then there's the anxiety. I thought it was because of the court situation, but I think it's the SAD at work. I stopped going to the tanning bed a few months ago and I may just have to start back again. I got a little scare when someone I heard about, through someone I knew, died from melanoma. I had quite a conversation with one of her best friends and it really made me think. She left two children behind and I just decided I could not risk doing that to my family for tanner skin. Yes, tanning makes me feel better about myself and yes, I feel I look healthier with a nice tan and yes, it's nice to lay in a warm bed when it's cold outside, but I honestly think it's the light that is helpful this time of year. I may just try to lay in the bed a couple times a week for 10 minutes and see if it helps. I also need to do better taking my vitamins every day and adding some extra Vitamin D. And exercise... we can't foget that. Oh wait, I have a 17 month old, check that off the list, I get plenty of that. (Obviously not the right kind though... my right arm is hurting so bad today... I played bowling and table tennis on the Wii yesterday. Pathetic!)

And speaking of a 17 month old... he is wanting to play cars and trucks with me so I'd better scoot. He has them all lined up at the gate and is saying something in toddler talk. I think it's "UMM, mom, look how adorable I am, don't you want to come and play with me?!"