November 25, 2010

Want It Raw Like My Turkey?

My day started early. Baby T was up a few times because he hasn't been feeling well the last couple of days. I got him back to sleep around 7:30 and my alarm went off at 8:00.

I got up and headed downstairs to put the turkey in the roaster. I was going to do it last night and cook it at about 250 all night, but then I read somewhere that doing that at a lower temperature can cause bacteria to grow. Of course my mom has been cooking our turkeys like that for years, but it was also my way of getting out of leaving a cooking appliance on all night. I just knew I'd toss and turn wondering if the thing was gonna catch fire. So, even though it was actually only one bird... I killed two with one stone. No overnight fire and no bacteria. I like to avoid those kinds of things around the holidays. Call me crazy.

I think I mentioned before that I bought my turkey last Friday. Did you also know that I brought it home and put it directly into the fridge so that it would have plenty of time to thaw out? Well, it was still somewhat frozen this morning and I could not for the life of me get the bag o' crap (gizzards, liver, etc.) and the plastic thing to come out. And I somewhat cried. And then I called my mom. She said to put it in the sink, fill it with some water and let it sit for a few minutes. Ok, sounded good to me... so that's what I did. And then I went upstairs to check on the baby and figured I would lay down for just 5 minutes. I woke up at 10:00 when I heard my parents come in the house.

I'm the hostess with the mostess ya'll!

So I got up and went downstairs and my mom was already getting the bag out of the bird. I breathed a sigh of relief and headed back up to get in my shower.

My mom did pretty much everything for our meal, except make the green bean casserole, that was something I had to do. She doesn't like green beans. I'm not sure if that's why she wouldn't make it, or possibly it's because she made everything else? Who knows. All I know is when I got back home, it was all good.

Yeah, when I got back home.

I didn't eat with everyone. I mean, I sat there, but I didn't eat. I couldn't. My stomach was too upset. I was too upset. Not in a "crying my eyes out" type of way but more of a "why does it have to be this way" type of way.

I had to give Baby T to his dad for his family Thanksgiving. And although I'm ok with it, my stomach still gets in a "mama's gonna worry til your home" knot, every time I have to give him up. And this is the first holiday that he's had to leave me. I know half the world lives like this, but not my half. It's a big turkey bone to swallow.

I had to meet him at 4:00, which is around the time Baby T takes a nap and I hate that his routine has to be messed up because of this. And I know that he is ok and that this upsets me more than it does him, but that doesn't settle my stomach. I know kids are durable. Moms however, are another story. At least this one.

But besides all that... I had a terrific Thanksgiving and I am blessed beyond measure! Baby T arrived back safe and sound and seems to be in a happy mood. My parents and T2 got back to their home safely, in all this fog and icey rain. And now I'm sitting here with my baby and my oldest and we're trying to figure out WHERE we are going to put our Christmas tree this year.

And may I say just how thankful I am that this is all I have to worry about right at this very moment?!