October 1, 2005

My List Of *little* things I hate/love

These are the little things that I ~hate~ and ~love~ in life:
*hangers - because they get all twisted up in your closet and when you go to take them out, they fall all over the place, plus they are odd shaped.
*dust - it's everywhere! I just took down some curtains and they are so grossly filled with dust it makes me sick - actually it makes me sneeze...(oh that's on my love list).
*rude fast food workers - Ok, I know you hate your job, so why don't you do something different, this is the land of opportunity! Get out and do what you want or at least have a nicer attitude, or "super size this!"
*cracked heels - I know it's fall and getting colder because my skin is getting dry and my heels are cracked. Looks gross and feels horrible! Putting my sandals aways now!
*clothes left in the washer overnight - they stink!!! And I hate when people go ahead and put them in the dryer and they dry in that nasty smell....then you wear something that's been dried that way and you smell it all day.
*pms - because it ruins people's lives and seriously, it's uncontrollable.
*mean walmart associates on 3rd shift - who better leave my mom alone! And just because my mom's skin color is of the minority in that store, they think they can bully her. And yet they would play the race card in a second and DO! (my mom is white by the way)
*big screen tvs that suck - you know, ones that guys give you to either try to impress you or just get rid of the piece of crap so they don't have to keep it around.
*sneezing - I love a good sneeze, it just feels good.
*when my mom brings me starbucks as a surprise - she did that yesterday.
*good mannered children in public - or at least parents who do something to control the unmannered ones, instead of letting them scream like spoiled brats.
*my crunchy momma ways - I just figures this out this week and I'm excited.
*zoloft - although I'm not on it any longer and will never take it again, the 18 mos I did, were the best! Do you think they have a natural/herbal zoloft?!
*mums - they mean fall is here, I got a beautiful one last night for only $5.99.
***More will follow, so check back often, I will update this post frequently I'm sure***