December 22, 2007

Ba Humbug Christmas Losers

It's so nice when just 3 days before Christmas...

- Your children's "father" doesn't pay his child support for the week. I'm sure he "needed" that money for beer, weed and a cheap gift his girlfriend. (OH, and let's hope, some condoms!!)

What else is nice?...

- A daycare parent (who is over a month behind) who "said" she'd have you paid up by Friday but ended up "not needing" daycare on Friday and you still have yet to hear from her.

... I'm pretty sure you're both on Santa's naughty list now.


**Edit Naughty List**

Two more people to add to the "naughty list"...

- American Eagle... I bought T1 two items online, ON MONDAY, and they just shipped out today!! When I went in to track my items last night, it wouldn't work. So I called. The very snotty customer service girl said that I wouldn't get it by Christmas since I ordered on Monday. Umm, well, with 3-10 day shipping, I was willing to take my chances. I asked her how she KNEW I wasn't going to get my items and she wouldn't answer. I didn't really think that 6 shipping days would be such a problem.

Today I called back to try and get more information... today I was told that it just shipped out today. WHAT!?! Umm, I placed this order on MONDAY, today is SATURDAY... what's the problem. But then... the nicer customer service girl said it was shipped FedEx and I should have it by Monday.

So, either the girl from last night knew how ticked I was, or figured out that they OOOPS! hadn't placed the order I had placed on Monday and sent it out with "2 day" shipping, or American Eagle just doesn't care about Christmas wishes coming true. I haven't figured it out, but I'm not holding my breath that it will make it by Christmas, which means that tonight and tomorrow I have to go back out and try to find two more items to take these items' place.

- Proactiv... who LIED and said I would only be charge $19.95 per month. I checked my online checking account today and noticed a charge for $45.85. Nice. I called, they said they were giving me the bi-monthly ordering with "bigger bottles" and blah blah blah... I said "Please UNenroll me!" Why do companies do that? If I wanted that, I would have ordered that. T1 isn't using it anyway, so now I'll have a two month supply of Proactiv with "bigger bottles"!! Anyone need any Proactiv?