December 27, 2007

What Do You Do When You Have 12 Days Off?

You catch up on movies of course... and you do a review of them on your blog.

* Waitress... Not good. Very slow. Horrible ending. Made me want pie through the whole thing though.

* Licensed To Wed... Not much better. I think we spent more time talking than really watching the movie.

* Meet The Robinsons... T2 took this one next door and watch it with his friend "M". They thought it was good. However, they're 10 (although one is almost 11!!!!!)

* Chuck and Larry... Probably the best one so far, as far as being funny.

* Deck The Halls... Cute, but no need to see it again.

Tomorrow we're going to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets... I can almost guarantee this will be the best movie we've seen during my 12 days off. I'm excited! Although I don't know if it's more about the movie or the real movie theater popcorn with lots of butter that is making me so giddy.