February 25, 2008

Happy Birthdays All Around

My blog had a birthday (it's 3 years old) yesterday... T1's birthday was Saturday and my grandpa's birthday is tomorrow... he'll be 85!!

T1 is 14 years old! And I don't even know what to say about that other than, when did THAT happen?

He had a great birthday weekend. On Friday night we met my aunt at Cracker Barrel... we walked in, sat down... a few minutes went by and here came my cousin Jer. He was "hiding" at White Castle. I kind of knew he was coming because he called Thursday night and just some of the conversation led me to think he was coming as a surprise. We just all busted out laughing when we saw him, we always have so much fun when he's here. He is such a funny guy, so fun to hang out with. Of course my aunt is a blast to hang out with too, so when they both come, you know it's gonna be a fun weekend!

Saturday we went to T2's basketball game and then to O'Charley's for lunch. Then we went home, hung out, played games. Then later we went to That Fun Place to play mini golf. We also did the bumper cars and my cousin and I did Dance Dance Revolution. The kids played some games and then we went home. We had tacos for dinner and then had T1's party. He got lots of money and I bought him Photoshop Elements 6 and the book that goes along with it. He's been busy playing with it and he's starting to get the hang of things. Later that night we played Scrabble and UNO Attack.

Sunday we got up and went to church, then went to Applebee's for lunch. Came home, I had some errands to run and had to get some copies of pictures. Me, T2 and my cousin went and did that and stopped at Kroger. We got some frozen pizzas and chips and salsa for dinner and came home. We basically sat around, ate and played more games. We played Sorry and more Scrabble. My cousin started getting sick.

Today my parents and my aunt got up early to go to Michigan for my grandpa's 85th birthday. We didn't go because we would have had to take 2 cars and gas prices are just too high. Besides, my cousin was still sick and has been sick all day. Which meant that the boys and I just basically sat around. I did get my March newsletter done for the daycare, so that's one less thing I have to do now. It was kind of nice just sitting around and having a day to do nothing.

Now I'm just waiting for my parents and aunt to get back and then we'll probably play more Scrabble or something, then go to bed. They'll leave in the morning and I have to work, and then it will be back to the same ol' boring daily stuff.

We'll go down to West Virginia for my aunt's 5oth party in April, so it won't be too long before we'll get to see each other again.

So... since I know you both read this, let me say "THANK YOU" for coming for T1's birthday! We had a great time and we love you so much!!! See you in April!!