February 17, 2008

Happy Sunday!

We stayed home this weekend, so we're not at church this morning. I'm trying to find a devotional online to do with my kids when they get up. We'll probably do our "church" over breakfast. When we don't go to church, we do a devotional and make up a prayer list for the week. The boys remember that prayer list too and will pray for each name or situation before bed at night. We take turns praying at night now. Since they're older I don't have them both pray every night, so only one of us does the prayer.

We are going to my parent's later this afternoon. I need to go to the mall. Then my dad's church is meeting at Pizza Hut for dinner together, so we'll go to that and then come home. That's the nice thing about having a small church, you have a smaller close knit group of people and can do things like go out to eat, and the whole church can go.

Before we leave, I have laundry to finish up and the downstairs to clean. I also need to get my lesson plans for the boys ready for this week.

My aunt is coming on Friday, T1's 14th birthday is Saturday, and I'm taking off work the following Monday. T2 wants to go bowling when my aunt is here, but I don't think T1 wants to and it's his birthday weekend... Who knows what we'll end up doing.

BTW... I can't get my spell check to work on here or in Word, does anyone out there know how to fix that?