February 27, 2008

How DO They Do It?

So I skim through a lot of blogs when I get the chance, and most of them are of mothers with young children. Young as in infants/toddlers/preschoolers. And I wonder how they do it? My kids are 11 and 14, I work 30 hours a week (give or take) AT HOME, and yet I rarely can find the time to get on here anymore. I have to make an effort to get on here and even then I usually have nothing too important to say. I guess I just feel "blah about blogging".

So, I thought to myself... how can I get back into blogging? What am I "into"? What am I not feeling "blah" about? Well, I have a few things I'm not feeling too "blah" about and these are it:

*God - trying to really not feel "blah" in that department and trying really hard to show my kids that they should not feel "blah" about Him either.

*Work - looking into options... needing to upgrade the daycare... should it go into a building or into my garage (which would get a complete makeover and would be cheaper in the long run)? I'm going into my 8th year and if this is what my "career" is going to be, then let's move on and move up with it.

*Tanner Aaron - someday we will meet and I will fall in love all over again! I can't wait for that day and although it seems scary, and many people may not like the choice I will have made, it will never matter to me because you will have been SO worth it! (And you're just what our whole family needs even though they may not know it yet.)

*Homeschooling - we have GOT to get back on track! We're looking into a new co-op for next year and it will require a one year commitment. The classes are awesome (and smaller) and I'm really excited about trying to get in.

Well, that's all for now. I need to get back to my life. Tonight is an early night for me and I promised my kids we'd play UNO Attack. I gotta get up early in the morning which means I gotta get to bed early... and I am a girl who does SO much better in life when she's getting her sleep.