February 7, 2008

You Give Me Fever

I found THIS article the other day. Little did I know I would be re-reading it this afternoon. T2 woke up sick - nothing but a temp so far. He's been laying in my bed all day and only got up once to come downstairs for a drink. Right now his temp is 102 but I'm not giving him anything but Sprite and Gatorade. The article makes perfect sense to me... if a fever makes the body's temperature too warm for the "bug" or "virus" to live in, why would you want to supress that?

I'm thinking he'll get over whatever this is faster, if we work with the temp instead of masking it with motrin. However, I've already decided if it gets much above 103 we'll be getting out the meds.

But poor thing!! And we were doing so good too! I don't think either of the boys or I have had anything since last February. A whole year of good health isn't bad. (Especially when you run a daycare out of your home... germs are everywhere!)

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Daisy said...

Yep, this is what we do in our house. Let those little imune systems work!! That will make them healthier in the long run.