March 8, 2008

Finally, the Weekend

I've been ready for the weekend since last Sunday afternoon. My work week was not fun. I felt like I was in middle school again. It was stupid.

So, to start my weekend I was awakened today by... come on, you know the answer... by.... yep, the dog next door! 6:30 AfreakingM!!! 6:30 on a Saturday morning!!! THIS, after my mom sent a dozen chocolate chip cookies over there last night. THIS, and my mom still shoveled this lady's driveway today. I love my neighbor, I do and it's my own fault that I haven't talked to her about this... but what do you say and how do you say it without getting her upset?

The ONLY way this dog is ever going to redeem itself is if there's either a fire in my house and the dog wakes me up in time for me to get everyone out safely... or if there's a killer roaming around outside my house and her barking scares them away.

But darn if I didn't think about calling my neighbor this morning and saying "Seriously sugar, what's up with you letting your dog bark so early on a Saturday morning!?!"

Anyway, it wasn't long after that, that my cell phone rang... I thought "which of my stupid friends would call me THIS early on a Saturday?" Normally I wouldn't have even gotten out of bed to get the phone, but I wanted to 1. know who it was, and 2. tell them how much I appreciated their call...

It was my son's basketball coach letting us know the game was cancelled. So sad because it was his last game. And honestly, I've been out today and the main roads are clear. Plus, his game wasn't until 11:30 - they would have been fine. We only got 3 inches. But, I have to remind myself I'm in Indiana now, not Michigan. Michigan doesn't even bat an eye at 3 inches but Indiana, well that's a different story.

I can't believe I'm going to be 35 this month. It seems like I was just turning 30. 35 is my year... I'm not waiting for 40 to make changes. 35 isn't old by any means, but at 35 there are things you need to start thinking about a little more seriously. I think most people wait until they're 40, but I don't want to wait that long. I don't want to waste 5 years.

I didn't do much today. Went out for lunch. Needed to go to the store, didn't. Went out for dinner. Needed to do laundry, didn't. I just didn't feel like doing anything. I'm unmotivated on Saturdays. The only thing that got me going the last couple months was T2's games. I'll miss that!

I'm off to bed. Don't forget to move your clocks ahead. Yeah... maybe tomorrow morning my neighbor's dog won't wake me up until 7:30?!