March 11, 2008

I Knew We'd Be Found

As much as I try to pretend my halfbutt holistic organic ways and washing hands with soap and water every 15 minutes will protect us, we are clearly found by rampid bacteria anyway!

And now I'd like to take a second to say "Boo to you, strep bacteria!". I don't care what kind of Steptococcus you are, you suck! So darn you... darn you to heck! May you find an environment that you cannot live in and DIE!!!!!!

My baby (T2) has strep throat.

Of course tonight was his baskeball awards banquet! You know, for the basketball program he was in. The one where, for the last 3 months I never missed a practice or a game. The one we were always sure to get to ON TIME! The one where he got to do what he loves most. (Which is being around other boys his age and having some sort of ball as the main object of their gathering.) Yeah, that one.

The poor kid!

Oh well, it gives us an excuse to get Icees.