March 22, 2008

Happy Easter! (almost)

So... yesterday was the day that I had a huge decision to make. I went to look at the building for the daycare again and almost signed the lease. I was ready. But then when we sat down to sign it, things just started going bad. He was going back on his word and was backing me into a corner. I'm not good with those kind of business tactics. I'm not going to get into everything on here, but let's just say he had guts. However, I had guts too and so I walked. And the odd thing is, I didn't have any feeling about it one way or the other. Am I really wanting to get this daycare out of my house? YES!!! But I'm certainly not going to put myself in a bad situation that I'll be contracted to stay in for 2 years. It's so awesome the way God works! I had been praying for months about this and I honestly felt like it was a go. Then when it came down to the very end, I realized I was getting screwed and I was able to let it go. I'm not even disappointed. I have a plan B, so that's what I'm working on now. I think this will be even better than what I thought I wanted. I'm excited!

The boys and I went to Old Navy tonight. Nothing like last minute shopping for Easter clothes, huh. Actually, I already have my outfit but I wanted to get the boys new shirts at least. We don't get dressed up like we use to. Kind of sad, but kind of practical not to spend money on clothes that won't get worn often. T1 got a polo shirt for tomorrow (bought by his mama), then he bought himself a pair of shorts and another shirt. I bought T2 a polo shirt and 2 pairs of flip flops. On the way home I realized that both of their shirts have the same colors (light blue, brown and orange) in them and it reminded me of how when they were small, I would dress them in the same colors or outfits for special occasions. Awww... I miss them being little!! Easter is another holiday that just isn't the same when your kids start growing up. OH, they still want an Easter basket, but you can't get away with coloring books, candy and a new bottle of bubbles. I also miss having egg hunts! T2 agreed to color eggs this year but we forgot to boil them and it just got to be too late. We may do it tomorrow afternoon if we get bored.

Tonight was FREE night for me... Yippee!! At Old Navy T1 asked if I'd just get his stuff on my card and he'd pay me back. Well, I did and because my total was over $50, I got a free make-up bag with lipgloss, a candle, body wash and lotion inside. It's really cool! Then, on the way home we went through Wendy's and since I'm trying to be a good girl, I got the chicken salad. T1 (the vegetarian) gets the cheeseburger deluxe but without meat. As I was sitting at the window I was like "why did I get a salad, I could really get a hamburger right now." Well, we got our order, T1 checked it and sure enough there was meat on his sandwich. So, I drove back through and told them. I had the hamburger in my hand and the guy acted like he wanted it back so I asked if he'd have to throw it away and he said "yes", so I said "Well, can I keep it for my dogs?" and he said "sure". Well, unfortunately my poor dogs didn't get any of it. But in my defense, when T2 (who LOVES salads) saw my chicken salad, I ended up having to share, so I was still hungry.

I share MUCH of my food with T2, MUCH of the time. This morning I came down and made myself two wheat waffles with butter. Went back upstairs to get back in bed and watch some tv but someone had snuck in and snuggled up in my covers already... guess who got most of my wheat waffles? I think I ended up giving him every other bite. Finally I asked him if he wanted me to fix him some. So I went back down and fixed him two more waffles and gave him a small bowl of probiotic yogurt. He was nice enough to share ONE bite of his waffles with me. lol Oh well, I love days when he still want to snuggle in my bed, so I guess it was worth it. We just laid in my bed and watched Animal Planet for most of the morning. I'm in love with Escape to Chimp Eden! The chimps are cute to watch and Eugene Cussons isn't bad either! (HOTT!) Move over Cesar Millan! Those poor chimps though! Wow, I couldn't believe how horrible some of them were being treated. They rescued some that had been chained up for 13 years and others that had been in small little cages without even any sunlight. So sad!

Well, I'm off to get the new clothes out of the dryer and get ready for bed. I hope you'll all be in church tomorrow morning celebrating the day that Christ arose from the dead! He is Risen!