March 26, 2008

Just Not Feelin' It

I just can't bring myself to like this new short-in-back and long-strands-down-the-side haircut. Vic's got an "ok" cut (it's better than some other versions I've seen) but I just don't get it. Why? Why do you want the long strands down the side and nothing in the back? It would make me feel like my head was off balance. So, I'm just not feelin' it. I tried, really tried, but I think I'd rather get a "Dorthy Hamill" cut. (Again!) Oh yes, my mom had me get the "Dorthy Hamill" cut when I was about 8. She claims I begged for it, to which I say "WHO was the adult?!" Nothing against DH, she looks great for her age and I understand why, as a Olympic figure skater, she would need the shorter cut, but on a little girl? I'm sure it could have been worse. You gotta admit, it is a cute cut...

1 Comment:

Jenny said...

I had that Dorthory haircut! I'm with you on the whole longer in the front. Back a few years ago that would have been a sure sign that someone made a mistake!