March 4, 2008

Cause I Have A Minute

Since it's not my morning to work tomorrow... I have a minute to post. It's 11:18 so I really should be going to bed... but why bother... oh my gosh, my bed!!! It's giving me fits and I know why...

I moved my bed to try and get away from the neighbor's barking dog. I thought if the bed wasn't up against the wall by their garage, just maybe I wouldn't hear the barking so much. That would have worked if say, my bedroom was 2,000 sq ft and I could go to another wing... but in a 12x12 room, you pretty much hear the same noises wherever you are.

Anyhoo... I moved my bed against the EAST wall... BAD MOVE for my Chi!!! (You know I'm talking "Feng Shui" here, right?) Anyway... I have too much Ying or Yang coming in through my door and my Chi is off because my bed is not on the SOUTH wall and in proper alignment. (Which btw... you should never align your bed directly in front of your door... again, too much Chi! You don't want too much of that Chinese goodness flowing into your room for Buddha sakes!)

Ok, do you think I really believe any of what I just posted? You don't? Well, I'm here to tell you, I DO!!!!!! I have had the WORST night's sleep ever since I moved that darn bed a week ago! I can't get comfortable, my body aches in the morning, limbs are falling asleep all throughout the night, I can't position myself properly to watch Golden Girls... it's a mess ya'll!

Guess what my kids are doing tomorrow.... moving furniture... wanna guess where?

And now, for some random thoughts:
We have snow and ice. T2's last basketball practice got cancelled tonight. There are school delays already. I hope it's all cleared up in the morning because I have errands to run. I'm ready for spring. And for a peaceful night's sleep. And free flowing Chi!

(I ask for so little in life!)