July 25, 2008

Colds In July?

I've heard summer colds are the worst... ugh! My mom is sick, my dad is sick, T2 is sick and I really, REALLY don't want to be sick. T1 had a sore throat last night but is better today. T2 had a temp, was sneezing, coughing, and was real tired last night.

Today... T1 seems ok and T2's temp is gone and he just has an earache, so that is a good sign. I used our homeopathic ear drops on him and I'm hoping they work. I know one of my dc kids has an ear infection and I'm hoping that wasn't passed along.

I'm still good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will continue to suck on my Halls ProHealth Defense drops. I got the Blueberry Blend and they're not too bad. They've got Zinc and Echinacea in them, so hopefully they'll work and make my immune system nice and strong.

My neighbor lady came over last night and we walked around the neighborhood and talked with people. I think we're going to start getting together with some of them and just sit out in our lawn chairs with a good drink and just shoot the breeze some night. We're all bored. :)

Today I haven't done much. Got up, went tanning, was going to take the kids to McDonald's for french fries but the line was way out in the road. They had $1 Happy Meals today and there were a LOT of cheap people! I wasn't about to sit in that line so I just went into Subway instead. The lady who was doing my order asked if I had a hard time getting in the parking lot and I told her we always come in the back way but that the line was crazy in the front. She said that was too much wasted gas for a dollar Happy Meal. I agreed and said Subway was healthier anyway. On our way back home I stopped at the gas station and got T2 some Gatorade. He was worried about getting dehydrated. I think it's because there's a man in our church who ended up in the hospital last week from it. Oh well, whatever helps make T2 feel better! :)

Now I am working on laundry and thinking about what to make for dinner. Mr. R may be coming home this weekend because he doesn't have to work on Saturday and won't have to go in on Sunday until real late. I think that's a lot of traveling and gas, but it's his time and money! I can't say I'll be too disappointed if he comes back. :)

Only 2 more weeks...