July 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

Our weekend went way too fast. I got to see Mr.R for about 4 hours on Saturday, then me and the kids left to go to my parents' house. I had to go there because I had to pick up my ring. We went to church Sunday morning and then had Applebees for lunch. Then me, my mom and the boys went to get my ring. I took it home so I could have it for a day, then we went back this morning so it could get sized. It will be back by next Sunday.

We decided since Mr. R had to go back to Chicago, we'd stay at my parents' last night. My grandma is visiting for another week so it's nice to spend some time with her. She's 91 so I like to try to see her when I get the chance.

So the kids were bored last night and asked if we could go for a drive. We did and it was not fun! I made the mistake of going over the river and into the downtown area.

Well, I thought if I stayed on the same road, all I'd have to do is turn around and it would lead us back out. OH NO! Somehow it turned into a different street and all the streets turned into ONE-WAY streets. And yes, at one point I was driving the WRONG WAY down one of them. And a nice man in a huge truck coming straight at me, YELLED at me for it.

Well, to make a long story short, I tried to be a big girl and say a silent prayer and make it out of there myself, but after getting MORE lost and not having any clue where we were, I decided to call my mom.

Well, neither my mom or dad know the downtown area and had no idea what to tell me to do. At that point I started having some anxiety. Ok, a LOT of anxiety. I was very close to a panic attack and I knew that wasn't going to help anything and would only scare my poor kids more, so I finally told my mom that I had to let her go and I was going to pull over and call the police.

So, I pulled over and called and by this time I was almost crying because we were SO lost and it was so dark and it was just a terrible feeling. I called 911 and when the lady came on, I told her it wasn't an emergency, but I didn't know who else to call. She asked why I was calling and I said "Well, I'm downtown and I'm lost." She told me to hold on for a second and she'd get me some help and then a REALLY nice lady got on and helped me find my way out. I told her I was really sorry to call 911 for just getting lost and she told me that they get many calls from people getting lost downtown and have to help people find their way back to where they came from all the time. I told her they have WAY to many one-way streets and she said that's one of the reason why people get lost so easily. She gave me a few simple directions and we were back on the main road in no time. I thanked her over and over.

OH MY GOSH, I was never so glad to see my parents' house!!! Of course this all happened at 10:30 at NIGHT so that made it even worse because I could really see. I don't know WHAT we were thinking!?!

When I told Mr. R about it I was still shaking and he said he'd get me a GPS when he comes back. He has one to get him around Chicago and he said he doesn't know what he'd do without it.

Yeah, I don't think we'll be going on anymore "joy" rides for awhile!