April 4, 2009

9 Weeks

9 weeks or maybe less... hopefully NOT more! I am getting so uncomfortable.
Our appointment went good yesterday. I actually lost a pound. I told Dr. N it wasn't because I was being active! She laughed. She is my favorite doctor out of the 4 they have there. Mr. R really likes her, too. We are really hoping she will be the one to deliver Baby T!
I had a list of questions for her this week and everything I asked about, she said was perfectly normal at this point in my pregnancy. I also asked her about getting a spray tan... she said that would be fine and the only reason they say not to get in a tanning bed is because of the heat, not the tanning. I feel so white right now and I just need something to boost my spirits I guess. I may just try some self tanning lotion. I just feel so big... Mr. R says I'm not fat and I don't look fat, it's just all baby. Dr. N said I look like I have a cute little bowling ball in my shirt. I don't feel fat, I just feel big. I guess I should enjoy it while I can because soon I won't be pregnant anymore and I'll miss it. I think.
After our appointment we stopped at Walmart to pick some things up. The tums aren't working for my heartburn anymore so the doctor said to move up to something stronger. We got some Pepcid and hopefully that will work better. After our Walmart trip we stopped at Steak N Shake and then went home.
Later we got Pizza Hut and watched "Bedtime Stories". It was a cute movie.
Today we have some things do around the house, we'll probably go over to Mr. R's side of town and do some things around his house and just hang out. I'm not sure if the boys are going to my parents' house this weekend or not but if they are, it's probably going to be today sometime.
I want to go see the new Fast and Furious movie so maybe we'll do that sometime this weekend too.