April 2, 2009

Happy April

I'm so glad it's finally Spring... although they're saying we may have snow this weekend. I hope not because we need to get a lot of stuff done.

As of this Saturday, we only have 9 weeks left until Baby T gets here. 9 weeks!!! I can't believe it's this close! I'm excited and nervous.

We have another OB check tomorrow. I failed my 1 hour glucose test so had to go back last Wednesday and do the 3 hour test. I had to do the same thing with T2 and everything was fine, so I called one of the doctors and asked her if I really had to do the 3 hour test since my levels were right at the cut off mark. She said I really needed to do it and if I passed I could tell her "I told you so" the next time I see her. Well, guess which doctor I'm seeing tomorrow!?! LOL

We took the kids to see "Knowing" Tuesday night. It was ok. I thought it was going to be better from the previews. It was too drawn out and the ending was kind of stupid.

Mr. R and I rented "Quantum of Solace" last weekend and stopped it half way through. We didn't like it at all. Out of all the 007 movies, that was the worst. (At least in our opinion.) T1 had seen it before and he really liked it.

We did a lot of running around yesterday... we went to Sam's Club and renewed Mr. R's membership (got some food and candy), stopped by Walmart to return a car T2 had bought (it didn't work), went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and came home. Mr. R left and the boys and I headed to my parents' house. My grandma C is visiting so we went to Wednesday night church and then back to the house to visit her for a little bit. We went and got Taco Bell and watched American Idol, then left and got home around 11:00pm. I was very tired so I got my shower and went right to bed.

I was up this morning at 7:30 with a horrible charlie horse in my left leg. I've only had a few of them during this pregnancy so I'm not going to complain. With T2 I had them all the time. This time I've been eating bananas like crazy to avoid them and so far it's worked. I don't think I had had one in a few days, but guess what I had for breakfast this morning!

I'm working today and so far the day is going very slow. I'm still tired and wish I could crawl back into bed but I don't see that happening any time soon. I will probably get to sit down and rest a little while they're napping, but I won't go to sleep.

Happy April!