April 28, 2009

In Which I Whine About Swine

You know, when you're less than 6 weeks away from having a baby, you really have better things to be scared about than "swine flu".

We're stupid... shut the freakin borders already, keep people out of Mexico and keep the people in Mexico out of the U.S.! I mean really, does it take a brain?

I'm irritated. Mostly because we haven't had the flu yet this year and of course if we get it now we'll be all freaked out. Do I really need this right now?!

I hate the media. Why put everyone in a panic? And does anyone see the way this is correlating with the President's first 100 days "review". Whatever. I'm so over it.

The melodramatic United States.

And how wonderful that there has been at least one case reported in my state. I hope the person is responsible enough to stay home and away from the rest of us.

Anyhoo... enough of that whining. Nothing much is happening here. The temps have been in the 80's and I have a new respect for women who are pregnant during the summer months! Yikes! I got my taste of it over the weekend and it was not fun! I was miserable to say the least. I ended up turning the A/C on. In April!

I have another OB appointment tomorrow. I'm anxious to see if I've gained any weight or if I've lost again. Of course a part of me is hoping I've lost, but I certainly don't want that to effect the baby. I'm also wondering if he's still facing down or if he moved back up. He sure has been moving around a lot for having such a small space to move in. Trust me, I feel every little and big move he's making right now!

I'm getting about 4 hours of sleep a night. The night before last I laid there until 5am. I'm so happy I'm not working full time right now! I'd be ok if I didn't have to lay on my sides. I just get comfortable on one side and my leg and hip decide to go numb. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy.

Trust me, even during the harder moments, I'm not complaining. This has been the easiest pregnancy ever and I have nothing to complain about. I know it's going to be over all too soon and I'll miss it, so I'm really trying to enjoy it as much as I can.