April 30, 2009

Another Big Baby?

I had my OB check yesterday with Dr. J. I really like him. I asked him about the tonic water that another doctor said I should take for leg cramps and he said he would not advise it. I'm glad I wasn't overreacting when I decided not to take anymore of it. I told him I'd stick with eating bananas and drinking juice with potassium.

I gained 2 pounds. I guess that's ok since I hadn't gained anything in a month.

We asked the doctor if he thought the baby would be big and he said from what he can guess, he'd say it would be at least an 8 pounder. Aww, I want a little baby!!! A nice little 6.5 pound baby would be so nice. He looked at my chart and said I just grow big babies. I guess as long as they're healthy that's all that matters. It's not like the boys are very big now... they're both skinny as rails.

My next appointment is in two weeks and they'll do an exam and the Strep B test. After that I'll start going every week and then... baby time! I'm nervous about the labor and delivery but I try not to think about it. It is what it is. I'm just praying I get the doctor I'm suppose to get and there's no complications.

I took in my VBAC consent form yesterday, so that's all done. Hopefully I can do that and not have to have another c-section.

We still have to go to the hospital tour, get the room ready, the bed and dresser set up, pack our hospital bag and wash the baby clothes and I think we'll be all set.

It's raining here today and very dreary. I didn't sleep at all last night and I'm tired and a little bit grouchy. My legs were hurting so bad and the baby was moving all over the place... kind of hard to sleep when there's a party going on inside your stomach. So, hopefully the daycare kiddos will be good and I can make it through the day. I'm sure I'll be ready for a nice long nap by 5:00!

I talked to my mom yesterday and she said my dad's sick with the flu. OH GOSH!