August 31, 2010

Busy Week Ahead

I like busy weeks. They give me things to do and somewhat of a schedule. We haven't really had a schedule since Baby T joined our family. It's been nice but it's time for a schedule again.

Yesterday we were still at mam and paps (Baby T's version of grandma and grandpa) and I had things I needed to get done there. I signed Baby T up for "toddler storytime" at two libraries. One where they live and one where we live. He'll get storytime twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. I figure we'll consider that part of his homeschooling.

Today I had bills to pay and errands to run... the bank, Dollar General and to the grocery store to pick something up for dinner. We're having tacos. Fast and easy. I still have laundry to do, the baby has no sheets on his bed and we're low on towels. Mr. R will be over later to visit Baby T.

Tomorrow I have two appointments. One early and one late afternoon. I hate early morning appointments because it disrupts Baby T's "wake-up and nurse for an hour" time. We do not get right out of bed in mornings, rather we sit and nurse and play and watch tv and nurse some more and then we get up. Normally it's about an hour after we first wake up. I know someday I'll miss that morning routine.

My parents will be here most of the day. I can't take the kids to my first appointment so they'll stay with them. Then the afternoon appointment is for T2, back to his allergist for his "fall" check.

Later tomorrow evening Baby T's aunts will be coming for a visit. It's always nice when they come and Baby T loves all the attention. He'll sleep good tomorrow night!

Thursday I don't think I have anything yet. I'm going to try and set up a play date with Baby T's cousin and his memaw. Maybe we can meet for lunch or they can come over.

Friday Baby T has a morning doctor's appointment. Shots! Ugh! Poor kiddo! We also need to have them recheck his little hernia while we're there just to make sure it's not getting worse. I keep praying it won't and he won't have to have surgery.

Then sometime this week I need to take T1 and T2 "Back to Home School" shopping. Notebooks, pens, folders, etc... and new shoes. They're pretty much good on clothes but really need new shoes. I also need to sit down and figure out their curriculum for the next month.

I also need to make dentist appointments for me and the older boys, make a doctor appointment for me and other little things like that.

OH and in the midst of all this, I need to find a job. One that does not include me watching other people's children, one I can do at home so I can still school the big boys and take care of the little one, and one that is flexible with good pay and benefits.

That one should be easy like Sunday morning.