August 15, 2010

Last Week

-My family was in town. The WHOLE week. Whoohoo. It was awesome.

-We did not go to the State Fair as planned due to the high temps and even higher humidity. (Didn't think it would be wise to drag Baby T out in that and we weren't really up for it either.)

-We had lots of good food and I didn't gain any weight. Whoohoo.

-My therapist let me go. He "said" there was just nothing more I needed from him and that I did what I went in to get help for and that he believes I'm strong and ok and blah blah freakin blah... I'll save the rest for another post, but for now I'll say he might just get a letter from me someday soon letting him know I believed every word of what he said to me.

-Mr. R and I took Baby T to a carnival and we actually had a very good time. (My therapist would have had a hayday with this one, but now he will never know. Because I'm all better now. And if the words "Mr. R and I... had a very good time." don't tell you how very wrong my therapist is, I don't know what will.)

-We were getting ready to leave my parents' and had the car packed, it running with the a/c on and both the dogs in. Next thing we know, the Yorkie jumped up to look out and locked the doors. Thank goodness for AAA.

-I just realized how uneventful last week really was.

-I just realized uneventful could very possibly mean it was still a really great week.