August 24, 2010

Got Roast

Baby T was up earlier than normal today, but maybe that's because he went to bed a little earlier than normal. Our nightly routine is that I go to bed when he goes to bed, or vice versa. He nurses, then I just lay him down beside me (the whole co-sleeping thing) and I lay down, but last night was a rough night for me and I just needed some "me time". Now normally I roll my eyes at that phrase ("me time") because I feel like it's a cop out, but last night the baby was tired and I was not. I was hungry and I wanted to watch the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. So, I nursed him, put him in his crib and went downstairs and made some sinful and disgusting food to go with my sinful and disgusting show and sat my butt down and watched it. Twice actually, because Bravo played it over... and over... and over... I think I finally headed back upstairs around 1:00 feeling a little guilty that Baby T was in his crib and more guilty about watching grown women call each other "clowns" and "garbage" when clearly they are "tramps" and "trailer trash" in nice houses, possibly in foreclosure. But not to worry... this kid has instincts! As soon as I crawled into my bed, he popped up in his. I got him out, put him on my lap, nursed him and he fell right back to sleep in bed with mama. And I was happy.

So now we've had breakfast and I've got an English Roast in the slow cooker. Today I made up my own recipe... I added salt and pepper, onion flakes and then covered it with beef gravy. I normally use cream of mushroom soup, but I felt like trying something different. We'll have that with a salad, mashed potatoes, carrots and crescent rolls. I'm feeling all homemakery.

Later today I will be making new lace and crinoline outfits for the boys and leopard print outfits for my dogs. Cause that's the Danielle way.

Here's a recap if your interested:

Caroline: You know what you are? You're a clown.
Danielle: I'm a clown. Really?
Caroline: Your whole life is a joke.
Danielle: You're saying this, sitting there with red hair? I'm the clown?
Caroline: Yes, you are.
Danielle: Really?
Caroline: Yeah. No matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, no matter who you talk to, okay, you will not hurt me. Do you know why? I have integrity, okay, and I sit here and I tell you the truth, okay? And when I called you garbage, I meant you were garbage."

So worth losing those extra hours of sleep.