November 15, 2007

I Just Couldn't Hang...

See, it's been 5 days... I knew I couldn't do the "nablopomo" thing. :)

So what's been happening in Mama T's life... not much. Just busy with work, the kids' schooling, helping my dad find a job, getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping!!! All that fun stuff.
I miss my vacation! I am slowly becoming stressed out again. It's the job! I swear... and I'm not even going to go there because I'm just trying to be thankful I even have a job right now!
Tonight we are having a birthday party for my puppy Andy. He is 7 years old today. He LOVES pizza. He's a pizza freak. If you bring it into the house, he goes crazy. So, every year on his b-day we order pizza for dinner and he gets a piece. And of course he'll have some presents to open too. Cause he loves to take his paws and open presents. It's cute, it's adorable, and yes, I do know I need mental help.
I feel BLAH today. Nothing is making me happy and I feel depressed and claustrophobic in this house. Too many people. The weather is horrible, very chilly, about 38 degrees. Yesterday it was beautiful and warm. I think we need to move to Florida. This back and forth of nice and nasty makes me crazy.
Gotta watch CSI tonight... Sara is leaving. Sad.
Happy Birthday Andy!