November 1, 2007

New Template and Halloween Pics

Thanks T1 for the great new template... I love it! And yes, son... we can count it as school work. :) Isn't it B. E. A. utiful?!?!

You know what ruins Halloween... teenagers. Seriously, if you're over 12 or can DRIVE yourself to trick or treat, you really should reconsider. Especially if you're not even going to take the time to dress up. How lame is that?! What's even more lame than not dressing up... telling whoever is passing out the candy WHICH candy you'd like exactly. Ummm, beggars can't be choosers... especially when they're too lazy to put on a mask.

Ok, I'll be nice now and in all fairness... there were some teenage girls who MAY have been dressed up as "street walkers" or perhaps "massage parlor associates"??? I don't know but a huge part of me thinks they may just dress this way every day of the year. Sad.

Anyway... here's some pics. Like my "little old man"... he's only 10. Notice his 13 year old bro is not in the pictures. Well, that would be because my son gave up trick or treating (on his own!) 2 years ago. His last year of going out was when he was 11. Enough said. He did carve a pumpkin though, cause you're never too old to do that!

Oh yeah... and if you'll take a look over to my sidebar, you'll notice I'm doing the NoBloPoMo thing. Which basically means you're stuck with me for the whole month. A brand new rant... every. single. day. Aren't you lucky.

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Your Cousin-JBOB!!!!! said...

I love the new template, it looks so good!