November 21, 2007

I'd Do It Differently

You always hear parents of older children or grown children say if they knew then what they know now... they would have done things differently.

Some people say they wouldn't have disciplined their children as much, or would have disciplined them more. Some say they would have let their children do more things away from home, or should have done things more as a family. Other say they shouldn't have made such a big deal about their son wanting to grow his hair long, or their daughter wanting to wear the clothes SHE wanted to wear.

But what about moms like me who are saying "I would have done things differently IF I would have been better informed!" What about moms like me, who were not aware of all the damage vaccines could do to their children, or rather their newborns. This is one of those "I'd do things differently" things that is not fair, because I was not informed and now my child may be living with an chronic illness that could have been prevented.

The more I read about vaccines and the problems they're causing, the more I become concerned and honestly, MAD. I understand that my children are 13 and 10 and that this wasn't much of a concern to parents (or if it was, it wasn't talked about very much) back then, but I wonder what I would have decided if it would have been.

I wonder if T2 would have allergies and asthma if he wouldn't have gotten those shots in the hospital when he was only hours old. And what about all the shots he got before his little growing body turned 2? Is he having to suffer because I was not informed? Maybe there wasn't enough research? I don't know, I'd like to use that as an excuse, but we're talking 10 years ago, not 50.

How do I feel about vaccines? I'm not against them. I believe in them. But I believe that I should have the choice as to when I want my child to get them. If I would have known better, I would have waited. I would have delayed them.

In the past, when I have seen things online, or in the news about vaccines, I never really gave it much thought because my kids were older, they've already had them and they seem fine. But then I read this and this the other day.

There was special concern about mercury in childhood vaccines because, as of 1991, the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) had recommended that all newborn babies receive their first hepatitis B vaccine at 12 hours of age and again at one month of age. Hepatitis B vaccine, along with DPT, DTaP and Hib vaccines given at two months, four months and six months of age all contained mercury.

Wow, that's a lot of junk being shot into an infant who is only hours, days and months old! And how nice that both my children were born in the 90's. I have to wonder if my babies were given shots in the hospital. I am going to have to look that up, because I don't really remember, but I would say that they were. I would also venture to say that I was never asked about it, they were just taken away and it was done.

I know I'm late on this... there's been TONS of info flying around blogland for years. I guess it just hit me the other day when I was once again wondering to myself why my poor son has to endure something like asthma.

We haven't given up yet. We heard about a great chiropractor that just moved his practice nearby and hopefully we can get an appointment on Monday. He's very much into all natural foods, alternative health care choices and healing the body from within. He suppose to be able to help with asthma. Let's pray.

I hope someday I get to bring another child or two into the world... if so, you can bet I WILL do it differently.

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Elizabeth Coplan said...

I think that no matter how many children we have (I'm stopping at two primarily because of my age), we'll always find ways to do it better "next time." Sounds like you are doing a great job THIS time!!

Elizabeth at A Wild Ride