November 6, 2007

NaBloPoMo Tagged - 6 Things

Six things you don't know about me:

  1. I say I'm all "crunchy" but we eat McDonald's at least twice a week. (Hey, the McRib is back!!)
  2. I want another baby, but I don't ever want to be pregnant again.
  3. My pant size is 6, my shoe size is 5 and my ring size is 4. My attention span is probably 3.
  4. I spend way too much time thinking about "what ifs".
  5. I've only been in one physical fight in my life and that was in 3rd grade. The girl stole my Bonne Bell lip gloss and wouldn't give it back. I think it was cotton candy flavored.
  6. I'm allergic to the smell of grease.

Thanks Christy, you made today's post easy! :)


Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

i obviously haven't been over here in a while. i LOVE your new design. :) that tree is awesome. :)

so fun to learn more about you. LOL about the lip gloss.

Mama T said...

Why thank you Amy! :) And thanks for stopping by.