November 10, 2007

Happy Loser Here

Well, at least I made it 8 days in a row. Sorry people, I tried, but I have this thing called a life. It involves having kids and working and kids and homeschooling and kids. Soooo, I'm out... I missed a day.

Last night the kids and I rented "Deck the Halls" (good movie btw) and we watched it together, as a family. And after the movie, I fell asleep. I guess I could have sat at the computer blogging while the movie was on, but instead I chose to cuddle under the blankets on the couch with my kids.

So... I did not blog yesterday which means I am not worthy of NaBloPoMo. Sure, when I got up early this morning I could have quickly made a post and changed the time, but really, if I'm going to hell for lyin', it's gonna be for something MUCH bigger than this!!!

I read some people's blogs and I wonder if their kids get an attention at all... they're so worried about winning first place in frivolous contests and making plans to speak at Blogher, that I wonder if reality will ever set in.

I don't have anything against Blogher or the contests. I guess for me, blogging is such a small part of my life that those things seem trivial. I don't ever want to have to tell my kids I was sorry for not watching that movie with them when they were young, because "mommy was trying to get a cheap award to put on her blog".

I'm going back to blogging for FUN. The way it should be. Good luck to everyone else though!