July 21, 2006

2 Weeks Ago...

...is the last time I posted. Life has been hectic to say the least and my computer is about to have a date with a baseball bat. I have been working my booty off. And it's been a sick booty at that. Well, the "booty" hasn't been sick, but the lungs have. I have a nasty summer cold. I sound like a 50 yr old chain smoker and have spent most of my nights awake and watching infomercials. It hasn't been fun.

On the work front... I only have one opening left. Yippee! So excited! I don't think I've been this busy in years though. I have 3 infants under 4 months old and of course at that age they aren't on a schedule yet so it's really hard to get anything other than feedings, burpings and changings done. But I'm not complaining.

It's been HOT here and we're getting a nice storm as I write. I sure hope it cools things off. Tomorrow we're taking the boys to "Animal Planet Expo" in Indy and the event is outside, so I'm hoping for some nice weather. My oldest son is convinced we'll come home with another dog because the Indy Humane Society will be there with their adoptable animals... pray that I stay strong! The last thing we need is another dog. But it's hard when they're giving you their puppy dog eyes and wagging their tails (the dogs, not the kids), so who knows, we may end up with a new member of the family. Let's hope my mom can convince me otherwise.

Well, we're off to the video store and then to figure out something for dinner. We got chinese for lunch, so we'll probably make something here tonight. OR I'll be lazy and we'll order pizza. HEY! I'm allowed... I'm sick and I worked hard this week!!

Have a great weekend!