July 3, 2006

Debit Card Is Found...

...and it's back in it's safe little spot where it belongs.

I went to my bank this morning and they had had my card since Wednesday. Ummm, thanks for calling! Anyway, I did forget to get it at the ATM, and I guess the machine only gives you about 20 seconds to get it before it takes it, so the machine got it before the people behind me could get it. I'm going to have to be more careful next time.

I had to work this morning but only had my one infant from 7-noon so that was nice! I'm off now until Wednesday. I've been getting quite a few calls and I hope they all pan out. I have 2 interviews set up for this week. Both babies. I'm either getting calls for infants or pregnant women. It seems like everyone is having babies right now.

I took the kids to Dairy Queen for lunch and now they're out in the pool. I may go join them in a little bit. It is hot and humid here today so the water should feel good. And goodness knows, I really need to work on my tan. Or should I say I need to GET a tan. This is the first summer in a long time that I haven't been pretty dark by the 4th. Usually I've been tanning in a bed and outside some and have a real good tan by now. I guess my priorities were in a different place this year. Oh well, it happens.

I've been starting to look into what kind of curriculum we're going to use this year in our homeschooling. I'm so excited that we'll be able to go back to the co-op this year. I am hoping that I can talk my friend Kristy into coming too. I think she would like it and I know her kids would.

I am looking into a new math curriculum called 'ShillerMath'. Here's a link for all you homeschooling families:
(I like the zero preparation time! lol) For spelling I'm thinking about 'Spelling Power'. You can get a free sample and catalog here: www.CAhomeschool.com/QW2 I haven't figured out the rest yet.

I got our 'Indiana Association of Home Educators' and the 'Home School Enrichment' magazines in the mail last week, so I've been looking through them to find out about different curriculums. I also found out in the Indiana magazine that they are having a "Home School Day" at our State Fair this year. So, I decided that I'm taking the boys. It's on a Friday so I have already let my daycare parents know that I'll be closed that day. I think most of the public and private schools will be back in session by then, so hopefully it will mostly homeschoolers and not too crowded.

We're also going to go to the "Animal Planet Expo" when it comes to Indy this month. Taylor is always watching Animal Planet and fortunately it's on a Saturday so we can go. I think the kids will have lots of fun since they both love animals.

Well, I'm off to look at more curriculums and hopefully make it outside before we get our "forecasted" storm. It's sunny and beautiful right now, but we're suppose to get bad storms later today. And of course, tomorrow night during the fireworks it's suppose to be pouring. I guess we'll see.