July 26, 2006

About the T-Shirt

To the person who wanted to know where I got the t-shirt... walmart.

HEY! It's me... I'm back from the land of "no computer". I decided that I had to fork out the money on either- someone to fix mine or a new one. I figured it would be cheaper to have someone fix it. So... yesterday morning I got out my phone book and started looking. One advertisment jumped off the page at me so I called, and got voice mail. I decided not to leave a message and just go on to the next number. Well, just like every other moment of the last week, a baby decided to cry, so I stopped looking up numbers and went to tend to the baby. In the mean time, the guy whose number I called, called me back. We set up an appointment for that day and come to find out, he lives right down the street from me. I can literally see his house from mine. So he came over, got the computer and said he'd call me tomorrow (today). He called today and brought it back about 12:30. It's all fixed and working great!! Yippeee! And it only cost... well, we won't go there. But,he did knock off $10 because I paid him in cash and he had too much change. I told him I'd get him his $10 and he said not to worry about it. How nice. I was figuring out about how much this guy makes doing this computer fixin job and I almost asked him to marry me before he left today, but then I convinced myself he was much too young and decided to hold off. He's cute though!! If I were just about 10 yrs younger... Maybe I'll just stalk him since he lives so close. Anyway, I have a computer guy now! I will definately call him again should something go wrong. And if it does within 30 days, I get it fixed for free. (yay)

I know you're just beside yourself to hear all about what I've been up to lately, so here ya go:
Well, we did go to the Animal Planet Expo and it was fun. Got a good story about it too... We were in this part where the kids did different physical activities like rock climbing, and hanging off of bars... well, we were in line to let Taylor hang off the bars and all of a sudden this yuppie family comes walking up and gets in the front of the line. They had 3 boys, all bigger than my Taylor and I just knew that they would probably be able to hang on longer. (In this game, you were against 7 other kids and the last one to fall off the bars won a t-shirt) So anyway, we're standing there and I just looked at my mom like "what the heck?!" and my mom just rolled her eyes. I mean, we had been standing in line for quiet a while and I think they had 2 other games before we actually got up to the front so for them to just come waltzing up to the front of the line, kind of ticked me off. Well, to make a long story short, their kids were the first to fall off (ha ha) and my awesome son won a t-shirt! And I wanted to look at her perfect hair, perfect make-up and perfect "Nautica" outfit and say "Nana nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo!" but you know I try to act grown up in front of the kiddos. (sometimes) The only thing I was disappointed in was that I thought they would have more animals. Oh well, it was free so I can't complain too much. AND... my kids got their picture taken with a stand up of that girl on Animal Planet that's that animal cop chic. You know, the cool one with blonde hair that goes and busts people for not taking care of their pets. I can't wait to get the pictures back... they looked like they were really standing there with her.

Other than that, I've been busy with the daycare babies. I have a 10 month old who refuses to sleep (EVER!) and a couple of 3 & 4 month olds who are MORE than spoiled and expect to be held every minute of the day. Needless to say, there's a lot of screamin goin on around here during the day. So much so, I've missed The Young and the Restless all week. Anyone know what's happening? I need tivo!! Hey, you think that could be considered a "business expense"?

My biggest complaint/vent of the week... I have a daycare mom (who I found out accidentally from the receptionist at her work) that gets off work at 3:00 each day. When is her kid picked up? 5:30!! (and by her husband) Yes, it more than ticks me off. Mainly because her kid is the only kid that I have until 5:30 and she knows that up until they came, I closed at 5:00 every day. Plus, all the rest of the kids are gone by 5:00, so I'm working a half hour longer than I need to. And why, because mom is young and lazy and is either out shopping or sitting at home.

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do. I could confront her and make it a big deal and tell her that I know she lied to me about her work hours and force HER to come and get her child by 4:00 each night and give her a little "talking to" about lying to your daycare provider like she needs, or I could say nothing and go with my plan... which is, to fill the child's spot with someone who can pick up by 5:00 and then give them notice and tell them that I'm sorry, but I've decided that 5:00 is going to have to be my closing time and that they'll need to find other daycare. Then when they say they will change their schedule to get their child at 5:00 (because they CAN), I'll tell them how even sorrier (is that a word?) I am because when they signed on they told me that 5:30 was the earliest he could be picked up, so unfortunately I went ahead and filled their spot thinking that they were telling me the truth when they said 5:30 was the earliest he could be picked up. Hmm, so sad! Hint: Don't lie to your daycare provider! I absolutely HATE that and frankly won't tolerate it. Especially when it cuts into my family time. She may not want to spend time with her kid, but I like to spend time with mine. OR, I could charge more for people who pick up after 5:00. That may work even better.

And, another vent... I had a new baby start today. His mom told me at the interview that she was chronically late all the time and I laughed and made a little joke out of it by saying that that could really be bad at pick-up time because I charge a dollar a minute for my late fee. (insert fake laughing here) Well, she was suppose to be here at 5:00... got here at 5:15. NOT real good on your first day!!

So, for all you people who think that daycare is such a easy sit-around-all-day-doing-nothing job... YA, I dare you to come and deal with the stress that I deal with daily!! I double DOG dare ya!!