July 2, 2006

Anyone Seen A Debit Card?

I realized at the Walmart check-out yesterday, that I've lost mine.

And I'm pretty sure I know where.

Wednesday, being the nice mom that I am, I took the kids to a movie. Well, we thought it started at 1:45, but decided to check online to make sure the paper was right. It wasn't. The movie started at 1:30 and at this time it was already 1:05, it takes about 25-30 minutes to get to the theater, and I still needed to go thru the ATM because this theater take cash only. (Get with the times people!!) Anyway, my dad had the day off and overheard our conversation, so he gave me $40 and told me just to pay him back whenever. Of course, once again, dad saved the day. So we hurry along to our movie and get there in plenty of time (just in time to see the stupid 10 minute cartoon they play before Cars).
So we get back into town and I decided to go to the ATM and get some money to pay him back so I wouldn't forget. So, I'm punching in my pin number, punching in the amount I want, etc... and a car pulls up behind us kind of fast. So, me being me, I am hurrying to get done to let this person behind me go and I think because I was hurrying, I grabbed my receipt but forgot to grab my card. So... the person behind me must have my card. YIKES!!!

I'm just praying they are a nice person with a very strong conscience! And so far, so good. I checked my online banking site yesterday and they haven't used it (yet). I'm hoping they either threw it away or turned it back in to the bank.

OH, and of course I didn't realize any of this until AFTER I had made a nice sized deposit yesterday morning (at 11:50 - bank closes at noon, so I couldn't even call them after I found I had lost it - so I'm stuck until Monday.)

If these people AREN'T good people, they could have a pretty good holiday weekend. Let's hope they're good people! I mean, if I found a debit card I would be a good person and turn it in.

I'm sure I'll keep you updated. In the mean time, please pray they don't drain my account before Monday.

And NO, I'm not one of those stupid people who writes my pin number on the back of my card! They can't really get much, BUT... it is a Visa debit card so you can use it as credit too at many different places, including gas stations and online... Ohhh this could get ugly!