February 13, 2007

5 Days Later...


Oh my gosh, I do not know WHAT I have, but this is not fun people! I have taken 4 days of my 5 day Z-pac and NOTHING! Seriously, I need prayer! I hate this. I have literally been in my room and in bed since Thursday night. I did get up and move around more yesterday, but then I was so worn out I had to take a late afternoon nap, which messed up my nighttime sleeping schedule which made it almost impossible for me to go to sleep and oh ya, it's 4 AM right now. I've maybe had 2 hours sleep. I'm just so sick of that room that I had to come down here and do something, so I figured I may as well fill everyone in on my exciting life.

So besides this illness from you-know-where that won't go away... I haven't had daycare for the last 2 working days. (Friday and yesterday) I'm thinking that today we may not have anyone as well since we are under a winter storm warning and the snow has just been pouring down since about 11:30. We were suppose to get an inch per hour and we probably have. When I first started checking it was covering everything but there must be some strong winds because parts of our sidewalks are clear. The roads look horrible and they just plowed our road a few minutes ago and it looks like ice underneath. Not good!

Have I told you how crappy I feel? My poor T1 is coming down with something too. I sure hope it's NOT this. I almost feel like it may be pneumonia, although I've never had it before. Whatever it is, it's stubborn. And it can leave any day now!

Well, like all things I do right now, I'm exhausted after 5 minutes so I guess I'll go look at some other blogs I've missed out on in the last 5 days and see what those people are up to.

Keep well!