February 25, 2007

Who Let The Dogs Out

So both mornings this weekend I have been awakened from my beauty sleep by dogs. And it's getting ridiculous!

Saturday morning I woke up to the dog of my neighbor right next to me. She a big dog with a loud bark and she barked from 1:30 to at least 4:00 (the time I finally got back to sleep!). At about 2:30 I walked downstairs and went out on my back porch and yelled at her to "shut up!" and "go in the house!" and "go lay down!". That worked for about 20 minutes then she started in again.

This morning it was about 5:00am when I heard the dog of the neighbor behind me. This dog is another non stop barker and he is left outside ALL the time! We had a major problem with this dog a few years ago, he would bark all night long, every night. Finally after a month of non stop barking I called the police at about 3 in the morning. The neighbors sent the dog away to live at grandma's house for while, but he's back now and barking just like before. And the thing that really ticked me off through all this, was that I could see their living room and bedroom lights on, so they were UP!

What the heck is wrong with these people? Do they NOT hear this in the middle of the night? Am I the only one who is being woke up by this non sense? I'm sorry, it's just ridiculous!! I have two dogs who are inside every night! They don't bark for long when they're outside because if I hear them, I make them come in.

It's called respect for your neighbors people!

And I hate calling the police, which is why I didn't the last two mornings. But I'm also not going to continue being woke up, and having to listen to all the barking.

I guess I have issues with noise. I refuse to turn a fan on or turn my tv up... why should I have to? My town has a noise ordinance and I follow it, why can't they?

My mom (who is still living in the 60's) told me that I should go talk to them and ask them to please put their dogs in. YA right mom... I'd probably get punched or shot. People aren't approachable this day in age and as much as I hate all the barking, I do want to stay on good terms with my neighbors. Or at least try. You just can't "talk" to people! They get offended and all heck breaks loose!

My son just reminded me that yesterday was my blog's 2nd Anniversary. Geez... 2 years of all this rambling. Crazy!