February 28, 2007

2 in one day

I wanted to update about the interview... it went great and the little girl is starting tomorrow! This is great for a couple of reasons... number one obviously is that God proves to me over and over again to trust in Him because he always provides and secondly, I am now sure that a decision I made last week regarding another daycare child was the right one.

Anyway, the little girl is super cute and so shy, but I think she'll be a great match with the other preschoolers we have. The mom was super nice too. I think they'll be a great family to work with.

I can't believe it's been two days and I haven't blogged about this, but Monday night my dad took us shopping... he decided we needed new furniture for the living room and that I needed a new mattress. So here's what we got... going all leather.

This is the new recliner (only we got it in a darker shade):

Here's the new couch (it's actually a dark blue - looks black in this pic):

And here's my new mattress that I am SO excited about!! It's been forever since I've had new a mattress! I fell in love with this one! It is SO comfy!!

It should all arrive next Tuesday. I doubt I'll be able to wake up Wednesday. My mom is going to have to come drag me out of bed!