February 23, 2007

Happy Birthday T1!

It's my first born's b-day today. The big 13! I can't believe it! He's a great kid! I couldn't ask for better! Love ya T1!!

My aunt Gail is here. She came up for T1's birthday. Very sweet of her! I took today off work since I am always off for T2's. This afternoon we went to a party place and played games. I did something I've always wanted to do... I did the "Dance Dance Revolution" game. It was SO fun!! Oh my gosh... I totally love that game! I got my aunt and my mom to do it too. My aunt and I kept getting on it over and over. I could have spent all day in there. It was a nice work out too! If you've never done that, you HAVE to try it. It's a blast!

Tonight we got pizza and had the cheesecake T2 picked out. Now we're getting ready to watch "Relative Strangers". I hope it's good. A couple nights ago we watched "Facing the Giants"... AWESOME movie!! If you haven't seen it, rent it!

Tomorrow we'll go to T2's basketball game in the morning, then I'm possibly getting my haircut (short) and highlighted, and then later in the evening we're going to a sneak preview of "Wild Hogs". That movie looks hilarious.

Other than that, it's just normal life around here. I've been horrible about blogging but hopefully things will calm down in the next few days and I can update more. I got so behind from being sick for a week, so I'm playing catch up at work with our preschool lessons and trying to get the house back in order (cleaning, laundry, etc.).

Life is good though, I can't complain!