February 28, 2007

No Shower Wednesday

I think every Wednesday should be a "no shower" day, don't you? Ya, me neither. I didn't not get a shower on purpose. I woke up early at about 7:00 and decided if I got up and got around I could get to walmart and back in plenty of time to work at 10:30. Well, I laid there for another 1/2 hour until I heard my first daycare kiddo come in. Then I got up and thought about getting in the shower but decided if I threw on some clothes and left then I would get there and basically be shopping by myself... just the way I like it. I like when there's just you and about 5 other people in the store. I'm not a crowd person!

My mom is going shopping this afternoon after a doctor's appointment and T1 was going to go with her so I thought I'd wake T2 up and see if he wanted to go with me. Well, in the middle of waking him up, T1 woke up and decided he'd rather go with me, which was fine by me. I wasn't too excited about him having to sit out in the waiting room by himself for half an hour or more while my mom was with the doctor. I know he's old enough, but still... over protective mommy here!!

So, we headed out by about 8:30 and got back by 10:00. We had to make a stop at Starbucks too. Yum! T1 got their new Cinnamon Dolce Latte. He said it was very good. We may have to back!

Well, we get back and my mom tells me the toilet in the daycare bathroom is not working and we need to call a plumber. So we do and they tell us we need to turn the water off until someone can get there. Well, I'm sure you know what that meant... no shower!

I don't feel horrible, yet. I'm just starting to get at the point of feeling like I need to be a little cleaner. PLUS, while I was gone this morning, a woman who called about daycare yesterday, called back and wants an interview this afternoon so her daughter can start tomorrow. Oh well... it's no biggie. I'm pretty sure she'll be coming here from the way the mom talked. I'll get myself together by then and she'll never know I missed my shower this morning. This is really great anyway since I had to let a child go last week. PTL that He's sending new kiddos to fill the spot already!

Of course once that last daycare kid is gone, you know where I'll be heading. Then I'll be tempted to just go ahead and put my pjs on which will make getting into my warm bed even more tempting... looks like an early movie night for me and my kids.