July 11, 2007

2 Deaths and a DQ Trip

Did you hear? The "N" word is dead? They buried it on Monday. Puleeze! I'm all for being nice and not name calling, but seriously can't you just teach people "sticks and stones" and that "words can't hurt you"? I'll take this all seriously when African Americans quit calling each other "Ni**a" and when they stop using the "N" word in every other rap song (not to mention their TOTAL use of degrading words towards women - where's all my feminists?) Until then... Whatever! Just another way to get Al Sharpton in the news. Ugh!

The other death... our pool. Again it has capsized and now it's pretty much done for good. Next year, we are SO getting a Watson's pool. My tax return is going straight from my hands to theirs.

Last night I had a burst of energy... not sure where it came from, but it was nice. I did all the dishes after dinner (some by HAND!), took the trash out and put it by the curb for pick up today, and there was ALOT! (We got messed up with last Wed. being a holiday so we had 2 weeks worth and let me tell ya, these white folks have alot of trash!). Then T2 and I took a HUGE box of newpapers and magazines up to the recycling bins by the library. I LOVE to recycle!! I'm not real great at it yet, but I'm getting there. T2 and I also took a long bike ride around the neighborhood and a little further out of our neighborhood. And after we did all that nice, wonderful, healthy work/exercise, I decided we should reward ourselves with a trip to DQ. That made no sense but I wasn't exactly thinking that on the way to the drive thru, I was just thinking "Dang, I've just done a butt load of work... I need a chocolate shake!" So I got one. And it was a small, so there!