July 30, 2007

Back From The Mountains

I took last Thursday and Friday off. We left on Friday for West Virginia to go to my uncle's *surprise* 50th birthday party. It's about a 6 hour drive, which isn't too bad. The kids did great in the car and we only had a few bad rain showers on the way down. His *surprise* party really ended up being a surprise so that was good. Everyone kept it a secret (which is rare these days)... when I threw a *surprise* anniversary party for my parents last year, some chic who wasn't even invited found out and told my mom at work. That just really ruins it for everyone, so I'm glad his party was an actual surprise to him!

Thursday we were going to go to the zoo, but it had rained earlier that morning, so we decide to just hang out, do some shopping and get ready for the trip. We went out to Walmart with my dad and while we were there he got a call for a van that the dealership had just gotten in. My parents had been looking at bigger SUVs and conversion vans and they thought it would be great if they could get one before our trip so we'd have more room. My SUV doesn't have a 3rd row seat. On our way home, we stopped by the dealership and the van was exactly what they had been looking for. We all got in and looked around. It was real nice with leather seats and a HUGE dvd player (screen). My dad said he'd take it, but needed to take it home to show my mom to make sure she liked it too. Well, to make a long story short, we all loved it and my dad was ready to drive it off the lot, but by that time of day, all the financing offices were closed. My dad said if he was going to get it, he'd need it by the next morning as we were heading out. They said they'd do what they could and would even come in at 8:00am to get the ball rolling. So, instead of leaving early for W.Va., we sat around until almost 11:00 waiting for this "deal" to be done. Finally my dad called out to the dealership and they said they called one place but the guy they needed to talk to was in a meeting. We weren't exactly happy to hear that, and less happy to hear that they did basically NOTHING to "get the ball rolling" like they promised. So, we packed up in my SUV and headed out.

We got down there and checked in to our hotel, then headed over to my aunts and had dinner. Then we just hung out and talked.

Saturday morning my cousin Jer came and picked me and the boys up from the hotel and we went out running around for the cakes, drinks, balloons, etc. We took everything the church hall and got it all ready. Then we met everyone for lunch. The party was at 2:00 and my aunt had the preacher of their church call her on her cell phone to tell her that my uncle needed to come to the church right away as they had a funeral dinner planned but couldn't get any of the lights to work in the hall. We were all there sitting in the dark waiting for him to come in. It was cute because when he arrived, he had his flashlight and his tools all ready to fix the problem.

My other aunt and her friend came in for the party so I got to see her. The cake was delicious and it was a fun time.

After the party we all went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. After dinner, me, the boys, and my two cousins (Jer and Steph) went to Barnes and Noble. We didn't get anything, but did stop at Starbucks on the way out. They had a new Raspberry Mocha Frap, so I got that and it was very YUMMY!!!

We went back to my aunt's house after that and sat around talking and looking at old pictures. It was fun. My cousin spent the night at the hotel with us. We decided at about 11:15 that we were hungry, so went out and got some food. We came back and watched tv and went to bed.

Sunday morning we met my aunt and uncle and my parents at Cracker Barrel and had breakfast, and then we hit the road. We got home around 5:00 and then it was time to clean, put things away and do laundry. Our dogs were very excited to see us! I didn't feel like making dinner so the kids and I got Applebees to go. I stayed up until almost midnight cleaning my room.

Now it's Monday, I've got some way too hyper kids here this morning and I'm wishing I was back in the hills!! They have beautiful scenery down there and I should have gotten more pictures, but we were just too busy.

Here's a pic I took on our way home... it doesn't do it justice.