July 6, 2007

Ramblings of the Week

Yesterday T2 went to a friend's birthday/pool party. He came home and said he had lots of fun and that "we need a pool... a big pool". Well, yes, we do and I promised myself before I had kids that we'd have a pool. I always wanted a pool when I was little and therefore want my kids to have one. We were going to get one this summer, but then the Disney trip surfaced and so that trumped getting a pool. Next year.

Legalism within denominations of the church HAS to stop! I don't have time or energy to write all my feelings about that, but I hope and pray I teach my kids better! There's a reason why I won't become a member of a church who has their own manual (that man has made) that you're to live by. I only follow one manual, and that's the Bible. Shouldn't it be up to me if I want to go see a movie, or drink a glass of champange at a wedding or have a little fun playing the slot machines in Vegas? Maybe churches should tear down all their "rules" and be concerned more with a little something called L.O.V.E. and compassion and not be so "holier than thou" and judgmental to each other.

This week was a nice work week. Lots of kids on vacation and a little break in the middle. Of course payday wasn't as nice, but the down time was.

What's the big deal about tomorrow being 07-07-07? It's just a date. I was thinking the other day though, that 7, being the perfect number, would be the perfect day for the Lord to return. The more I thought about that however, the worse I felt. Not because I'm not ready, but because I haven't really shared Christ with enough people. I'm really bad at that and I feel guilty because I'm not a great witness. Christians have such a great gift and we should want to share that more.

Actually, there was a few days back in April that I thought I might get married on 07-07-07, but then I thought, how generic. Do you know how many OTHER people are getting married tomorrow JUST because of the date? I want to be more original than that. Not to mention that I'm totally stalling a wedding of any kind. I'm just not ready.

This weekend holds nothing too exciting. Relaxing and cleaning. Possibly some shopping. I'd like to finish a book I've been reading. No movies... I rented "Daddy's Little Girls" last weekend, thinking it was a comedy. It was not and it was boring. So much so that I turned it off and went to bed. I ended up watching the rest the next day before taking it back. It ended good, but the rest wasn't what I expected.

I guess I'll go eat some dinner and see what the evening has in store for me. I'm sure there will be lots of booming going on... the 4th all over again...