July 23, 2007

It's Just Another Manic Monday...

Ohhhh ohhhh...

Nothing too exciting happening here. I'm working this week by myself, so that should be interesting. It should be a low week, since some kids won't be coming, so that should make it easier.

Friday night we rented Premonition. It was ok. I ended up falling asleep towards the end. At 11:50, I took T1 to get the new Harry Potter book. We didn't want to stand in a huge line, so we went to Kroger and were in and out within minutes. I can't imagine standing in line for hours just for a Harry Potter book, but whatever makes HP fans happy.

Saturday we went to a festival they were having at one of our schools. It was really nice. Small, but nice. They had a huge Lego display which was really cool. Some of the displays, the people had been working on for years. One real big one took 3 years to make. And the rule is, they aren't allowed to use glue. They had a replica of the Brickyard and it was really cool. They also had a train display, so T2 was in heaven looking around at that. We walked around for a bit, got a bunch of free stuff and then decided it was getting rather hot, so got some food (cause you can't go to a festival without getting some food!) and headed home. I did get a lot of info on where the organic farms are in my area and also which farmer's markets they sell at. Now I can go and get some organic goodies. yay!

We went to Muncie for church yesterday, then grabbed some Fazoli's, went to Target to get a few things, had some ice cream and came home. While we were at Target the boys talked me into getting the H2O UNO cards. I also picked up some other waterproof cards (just the regular Bicycle playing cards) and a pack of dice. We're always needing some for something. They're so easy to lose. We'll use the waterproof cards this weekend at the pool.

That's about it for now. Mr. R went and picked up the boys' go cart at a friend's house last week and it's missing a piece so I need to call them and see if they found it on their garage floor. Let's hope so, cause I guess it's an important piece to the motor?!