July 30, 2007

You want this, don't you?

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Cute Little Tees *free*

More free stuff... yay!

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Back From The Mountains

I took last Thursday and Friday off. We left on Friday for West Virginia to go to my uncle's *surprise* 50th birthday party. It's about a 6 hour drive, which isn't too bad. The kids did great in the car and we only had a few bad rain showers on the way down. His *surprise* party really ended up being a surprise so that was good. Everyone kept it a secret (which is rare these days)... when I threw a *surprise* anniversary party for my parents last year, some chic who wasn't even invited found out and told my mom at work. That just really ruins it for everyone, so I'm glad his party was an actual surprise to him!

Thursday we were going to go to the zoo, but it had rained earlier that morning, so we decide to just hang out, do some shopping and get ready for the trip. We went out to Walmart with my dad and while we were there he got a call for a van that the dealership had just gotten in. My parents had been looking at bigger SUVs and conversion vans and they thought it would be great if they could get one before our trip so we'd have more room. My SUV doesn't have a 3rd row seat. On our way home, we stopped by the dealership and the van was exactly what they had been looking for. We all got in and looked around. It was real nice with leather seats and a HUGE dvd player (screen). My dad said he'd take it, but needed to take it home to show my mom to make sure she liked it too. Well, to make a long story short, we all loved it and my dad was ready to drive it off the lot, but by that time of day, all the financing offices were closed. My dad said if he was going to get it, he'd need it by the next morning as we were heading out. They said they'd do what they could and would even come in at 8:00am to get the ball rolling. So, instead of leaving early for W.Va., we sat around until almost 11:00 waiting for this "deal" to be done. Finally my dad called out to the dealership and they said they called one place but the guy they needed to talk to was in a meeting. We weren't exactly happy to hear that, and less happy to hear that they did basically NOTHING to "get the ball rolling" like they promised. So, we packed up in my SUV and headed out.

We got down there and checked in to our hotel, then headed over to my aunts and had dinner. Then we just hung out and talked.

Saturday morning my cousin Jer came and picked me and the boys up from the hotel and we went out running around for the cakes, drinks, balloons, etc. We took everything the church hall and got it all ready. Then we met everyone for lunch. The party was at 2:00 and my aunt had the preacher of their church call her on her cell phone to tell her that my uncle needed to come to the church right away as they had a funeral dinner planned but couldn't get any of the lights to work in the hall. We were all there sitting in the dark waiting for him to come in. It was cute because when he arrived, he had his flashlight and his tools all ready to fix the problem.

My other aunt and her friend came in for the party so I got to see her. The cake was delicious and it was a fun time.

After the party we all went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. After dinner, me, the boys, and my two cousins (Jer and Steph) went to Barnes and Noble. We didn't get anything, but did stop at Starbucks on the way out. They had a new Raspberry Mocha Frap, so I got that and it was very YUMMY!!!

We went back to my aunt's house after that and sat around talking and looking at old pictures. It was fun. My cousin spent the night at the hotel with us. We decided at about 11:15 that we were hungry, so went out and got some food. We came back and watched tv and went to bed.

Sunday morning we met my aunt and uncle and my parents at Cracker Barrel and had breakfast, and then we hit the road. We got home around 5:00 and then it was time to clean, put things away and do laundry. Our dogs were very excited to see us! I didn't feel like making dinner so the kids and I got Applebees to go. I stayed up until almost midnight cleaning my room.

Now it's Monday, I've got some way too hyper kids here this morning and I'm wishing I was back in the hills!! They have beautiful scenery down there and I should have gotten more pictures, but we were just too busy.

Here's a pic I took on our way home... it doesn't do it justice.

July 25, 2007

Organic Milk - Products - *FREE*

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July 23, 2007

It's Just Another Manic Monday...

Ohhhh ohhhh...

Nothing too exciting happening here. I'm working this week by myself, so that should be interesting. It should be a low week, since some kids won't be coming, so that should make it easier.

Friday night we rented Premonition. It was ok. I ended up falling asleep towards the end. At 11:50, I took T1 to get the new Harry Potter book. We didn't want to stand in a huge line, so we went to Kroger and were in and out within minutes. I can't imagine standing in line for hours just for a Harry Potter book, but whatever makes HP fans happy.

Saturday we went to a festival they were having at one of our schools. It was really nice. Small, but nice. They had a huge Lego display which was really cool. Some of the displays, the people had been working on for years. One real big one took 3 years to make. And the rule is, they aren't allowed to use glue. They had a replica of the Brickyard and it was really cool. They also had a train display, so T2 was in heaven looking around at that. We walked around for a bit, got a bunch of free stuff and then decided it was getting rather hot, so got some food (cause you can't go to a festival without getting some food!) and headed home. I did get a lot of info on where the organic farms are in my area and also which farmer's markets they sell at. Now I can go and get some organic goodies. yay!

We went to Muncie for church yesterday, then grabbed some Fazoli's, went to Target to get a few things, had some ice cream and came home. While we were at Target the boys talked me into getting the H2O UNO cards. I also picked up some other waterproof cards (just the regular Bicycle playing cards) and a pack of dice. We're always needing some for something. They're so easy to lose. We'll use the waterproof cards this weekend at the pool.

That's about it for now. Mr. R went and picked up the boys' go cart at a friend's house last week and it's missing a piece so I need to call them and see if they found it on their garage floor. Let's hope so, cause I guess it's an important piece to the motor?!

July 21, 2007

Harry's In The House

It's 12:29 am... I just got back with T1.
I'm sure he'll be up all night reading.

Must. Get. Sleep. Now.

More tomorrow...

July 18, 2007

Oodles of cool stuff at Kangaroodle!!

Go HERE and check out some of the "fun", "functional", and "fabulous" things they have for kids.

After you're done there... go HERE to "Mama Speaks" and check out the lastest review blog for moms, by moms.

Then, if you're feeling really lucky, go HERE and enter to win $50 to spend at the adorable Kangaroodle store.

Such fun for a Wednesday!!

July 17, 2007


I've been up since 4:30am. My sinuses are acting up and I couldn't breathe laying down, plus my nose was clogged and yet runny at the same time, and I had to blow it about 20 times when I got up.

So, I sat there and tried to find something other than the G*rls G*ne W*ld commercials to watch. I finally found Roseanne. I always feel alittle better about myself after watching that show. It's funny though.

I had to work early this morning, so I got up and got ready. I also had to run to Walmart and it was pouring here this morning. But you do what you gotta do and it was fine. We have food in the house again - Yay!

This is not why I'm irritated... maybe why I'm tired, but not why I'm sitting here rolling my eyes...

No, I'm irritated because if I hear one more "single" mother complaining about child support and how much MORE she should get, I think I'm gonna slap someone! Listen chicky poos - be glad you're getting anything!! Most of these moms also have their ex husbands or ex boyfriends still around to be in their child/children's lives. I'm so sick of it. I'm sorry you can't go shopping every single day... I'm sorry you can't get a new car... I'm sorry you have a whole weekend to yourself a couple times a month and someone you can talk to and is willing to help out and be there whenever you have something come up with your child/children... WOW, must be a hard life!

Seriously, just shut up already! Or I'm going to have to write out in detail how hard some of us (who are TRULY single mothers) have it.

July 13, 2007

Am I Addicted?

84%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I saw this on Amy's site and snagged it.

July 12, 2007

Is that a "HOT" Blizzard

T2 and I went into Dairy Queen today to get a small chocolate shake, a small M&M Blizzard, a small lemon/lime Artic Rush and a small fry (cause this girl likes some fries with her shake!). I think our order came to $8 and some change.

We chose to go inside because there wasn't anyone in there and the drive thru was backed up to the door.

Well, I didn't feel like lugging my purse in, so I just took my debit card. When the woman told me my total, I took the card out of my pocket and handed it to her.

She looked at the card, looked at me and said "Is this really your card? Are you really [first and last name]?". She was being serious.

I looked at her and said "If the card was stolen, do you really think I'd be HERE?!"
Then something a little scary happened, she took it as an insult that I wouldn't use a stolen credit card at their establishment.

July 11, 2007

2 Deaths and a DQ Trip

Did you hear? The "N" word is dead? They buried it on Monday. Puleeze! I'm all for being nice and not name calling, but seriously can't you just teach people "sticks and stones" and that "words can't hurt you"? I'll take this all seriously when African Americans quit calling each other "Ni**a" and when they stop using the "N" word in every other rap song (not to mention their TOTAL use of degrading words towards women - where's all my feminists?) Until then... Whatever! Just another way to get Al Sharpton in the news. Ugh!

The other death... our pool. Again it has capsized and now it's pretty much done for good. Next year, we are SO getting a Watson's pool. My tax return is going straight from my hands to theirs.

Last night I had a burst of energy... not sure where it came from, but it was nice. I did all the dishes after dinner (some by HAND!), took the trash out and put it by the curb for pick up today, and there was ALOT! (We got messed up with last Wed. being a holiday so we had 2 weeks worth and let me tell ya, these white folks have alot of trash!). Then T2 and I took a HUGE box of newpapers and magazines up to the recycling bins by the library. I LOVE to recycle!! I'm not real great at it yet, but I'm getting there. T2 and I also took a long bike ride around the neighborhood and a little further out of our neighborhood. And after we did all that nice, wonderful, healthy work/exercise, I decided we should reward ourselves with a trip to DQ. That made no sense but I wasn't exactly thinking that on the way to the drive thru, I was just thinking "Dang, I've just done a butt load of work... I need a chocolate shake!" So I got one. And it was a small, so there!

July 9, 2007

Twice In One Day?

We went to church twice yesterday. It doesn't mean we're great people, it just means we're good for at least another two weeks now. JUST KIDDING! We were actually out of town Saturday and didn't get back home until last night, so since we were there, we just stayed a little longer.

It is H.O.T. here. And wouldn't you know it, I picked today to take the daycare kids to the park. I'm so organized like that. Oh well, we'll have fun and I'm sure it will wear them out and that's always a good thing at naptime!

I think I may be allergic to my dogs. My allergies were fine until I picked our shihtzu up this morning. Yikes! I hope that was just a coincidence!!

We still have our cat. The poor thing needs a home. We're working on it. I'll miss her, but there is just no way we can take her. My neighbor gave me 10 cans of cat food for her. He came over and wanted to make sure I was still feeding her, I said I was, and he offered me the food. I thought that was so nice of him. He told me they always leave water out for her too, so she's got plenty to keep her dehydrated in this heat.

I think we've become known in our neighborhood as people who will take in strays. Another neighbor of mine came over last weekend and was telling me about this stray dog, who had been hanging around a house a few streets down. Well, this neighbor went there because they were having a moving sale and when she found out about the dog and that they were moving the next day, she came to me and asked if we could take the dog for just a couple days until she could do something. Of course I said yes. I had also been to that moving sale and did see the dog laying in the garage but heard them telling someone they had a person who was coming to get the dog later that day. I told my neighbor that and she said she was going to go talk to them. I guess they must have gotten rid of it because I never heard anything else about it. I'm ok with that, we don't need more pets!

Well, we're off to go to the park.


T2 and the kiddos by the park stream:

July 6, 2007

Ramblings of the Week

Yesterday T2 went to a friend's birthday/pool party. He came home and said he had lots of fun and that "we need a pool... a big pool". Well, yes, we do and I promised myself before I had kids that we'd have a pool. I always wanted a pool when I was little and therefore want my kids to have one. We were going to get one this summer, but then the Disney trip surfaced and so that trumped getting a pool. Next year.

Legalism within denominations of the church HAS to stop! I don't have time or energy to write all my feelings about that, but I hope and pray I teach my kids better! There's a reason why I won't become a member of a church who has their own manual (that man has made) that you're to live by. I only follow one manual, and that's the Bible. Shouldn't it be up to me if I want to go see a movie, or drink a glass of champange at a wedding or have a little fun playing the slot machines in Vegas? Maybe churches should tear down all their "rules" and be concerned more with a little something called L.O.V.E. and compassion and not be so "holier than thou" and judgmental to each other.

This week was a nice work week. Lots of kids on vacation and a little break in the middle. Of course payday wasn't as nice, but the down time was.

What's the big deal about tomorrow being 07-07-07? It's just a date. I was thinking the other day though, that 7, being the perfect number, would be the perfect day for the Lord to return. The more I thought about that however, the worse I felt. Not because I'm not ready, but because I haven't really shared Christ with enough people. I'm really bad at that and I feel guilty because I'm not a great witness. Christians have such a great gift and we should want to share that more.

Actually, there was a few days back in April that I thought I might get married on 07-07-07, but then I thought, how generic. Do you know how many OTHER people are getting married tomorrow JUST because of the date? I want to be more original than that. Not to mention that I'm totally stalling a wedding of any kind. I'm just not ready.

This weekend holds nothing too exciting. Relaxing and cleaning. Possibly some shopping. I'd like to finish a book I've been reading. No movies... I rented "Daddy's Little Girls" last weekend, thinking it was a comedy. It was not and it was boring. So much so that I turned it off and went to bed. I ended up watching the rest the next day before taking it back. It ended good, but the rest wasn't what I expected.

I guess I'll go eat some dinner and see what the evening has in store for me. I'm sure there will be lots of booming going on... the 4th all over again...

July 4, 2007

Happy 4th!

The cat who hates to be held.

T2 and Grandpa

Me and the Boys Me and the Boys
Grandma and the Boys

You want me to cut my hair?

All this picture taking is giving me a headache!