November 27, 2005

"A" is for...

Ahh yes, it's the "Good Mother" whose children would never cuss...
(See "Traditions" post)

Just said by my 8 yr old son: "I am NOT an ass!"

"Ass" has been a popular word here today and YES!, just so you know...we DID go to church this morning...whereas, the whole "ass" thing got started.

It's the first Sunday of Advent and we sang quite a few Christmas songs, one being 'What Child is This' which says "where ox and ass are feeding". I have to admit, I made myself think about anything other than the fact that we all just sang "ass" and that if I looked over at my 11 yo we would both probably start laughing...YES, I'm immature like that!! It comes from being a PK, I guess?

Anyway, we did discuss this at lunch this afternoon. I was a good mom and made their lunch and made us all sit together at the kitchen table. So, considering the fact that it was lunchtime and we hadn't done anything else but go to church, the conversation was about... church. And the "ass" thing in the song was brought up.

As for Taylor "being an ass"...we went to Payless on Friday to find slippers. Taylor got "Donkey" from Shrek. They're really cute and they are the first things on every morning or as soon as he comes home and can get his shoes off. Of course at lunch Tyler decided to let Taylor know that he had 2 "asses" on his feet.

Then later on, Taylor was throwing a fit about something and I told him he was acting like his slippers. That was all that was said. However, his older brother could not leave it at that, and reminded him what his slippers were! Taylor made no comment. Whew! Taylor just got up and walked into the kitchen not saying a word. big huge did I get so lucky?

On his way back from the kitchen however (5 minutes after the fact) he decided to let us know in a very loud voice: " I am NOT an ass!"

I'm still NOT counting it as my child saying a cuss word, he meant donkey!! I know he did!! We just had a huge discussion on it. Besides, it can't be bad...we sang it in church!!

Although, the fact that these slippers are donkeys make for such intersting possiblilities of things to say...

They are so huge and bulky, they have him tripping constantly which could make someone ask:
"Are you tripping over your own ass?!"

He says they're so comfortable but hard to walk in sometimes, so he likes to take a break:
"My ass needs a break!"

The dogs LOVE to chase these fun stuffed looking things:
"Mom, the dogs are chasing my ass again!"

And he just loved his slippers so much that that first night he had them, he swore he was going to wear them all the time, even to bed. But....
"His ass was too big to fit under the covers!"

I'm leaving you with that!