November 23, 2005

We have...(it's white and fluffy)

Snow!!!!!!! It was just flurries when we woke up but now we actually
have something on the ground. Taylor got up and came downstairs and sat on my lap (his normal morning routine)... I wasn't really thinking about it at that point, but all of a sudden the snow must have caught his eye because he jumped up and got all excited. Then he was off to the closet where he pulled out his snow pants, hat, gloves and winter coat. The boots were already out and sitting by the door. For some reason yesterday he thought he needed to find them and put them on the rug by the other shoes. He said he wanted snow...well, he got it and has already been out playing in it which meant I had to get the camcorder out, charge it and search for a blank tape so I could get all the "first snow" fun.

Meanwhile, we are having 'Pajama and Movie Day' at the daycare. All the kids came wearing their pajamas and brought some movies to share. I decided to wear regular clothes...I don't think I could work in PJs all day. We had our big Thanksgiving Feast and Party yesterday since everyone wasn't going to be here today. So, we're just hanging out watching movies and relaxing. It's almost lunch time, then naptime , then only a few hours and I'll be free for 4 whole days. Yippee!! And, we're not going anywhere this year for Thanksgiving so I will have the whole 4 days to do whatever I want! I think sleeping in is right at the top of that list! Tomorrow I will get up early to help mom get stuff ready. I am in charge of making some small things, like green bean casserole and some other little things. I still have to go to the store tonight...not looking forward to that!! I'm actually kind of glad we're staying home this year but will miss seeing my dad's side of the family. I hope next year everyone is well and healthy, and my uncle's leukemia is long gone and we can all be together again.

~Off to sing...'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' for the 50th time... LOL~