November 5, 2005

Today's Interviews

Ok...if by any chance any parents looking for daycare are reading this...just to let you know, when you go to a daycare provider's home for the interview, she is interviewing YOU just as much as you are interviewing her!!

I had a "double" interview today. I had one mom call for an interview last week and then called at the end of this week to see if she could change the day and time AND see if her sister-in-law could come too, as she is needing new daycare.
Fine! Great! The more the merrier. LOL

Well, let's just say that the wildness of the interview caused my mom (who was upstairs in her room) to call me from her cell phone an hour later to see if it was "safe" to come downstairs. She wanted to know if "that yelling mother and hyper little girl" had left yet. LOL What a mess!!

I think the first red flag was the fact that this mom was trying to explain to me that they left their old daycare because they couldn't pay but the provider still expected payment and yet somehow, that it was their last provider's fault for not understanding! WHAT?! They weren't paying her, and were upset because she was asking for payment. Ummm hello, we don't watch kids for free! Then she went on to say something about how the little girl was sick one week but that the provider still made them pay. Well, YES, you are holding their spot, so you still pay! I think the kicker was when she asked me if her mom picked the little girl early on occasion, would I take money off for the next payment since she would be leaving early? Umm, NO! Are these people crazy? You want me to prorate by the hour? I don't think so! The scary thing is, I had a dream about this last night! I dreamt she argued with me over $4 because her daughter left 2 hours early on Thursdays.

Anyway...during the conversation, I just politely mentioned that I provide a service and I expect to get paid, that I have a contract that guarantees me payment and that unfortunately I have had to go to court to get the money that was owed for my services. She stopped asking about my payment policy after that.

The original family that called first was great and I would have NO problem taking her kids at all, but this other mom...I would really have to think about it. Not so much because her little girl was kind of hyper, but because she obviously doesn't get that she has to pay for daycare and just because I expect payment for giving her child care services, it doesn't mean I don't like her child. She said the other provider kept asking her for payment and at that point she thought it was all about the money and that she really didn't care about her daughter. No, we just expect to get paid! We have bills too! This isn't a hobby!!

Plus, she tried using the whole "it's my daughter's bio dad's responsibility to pay for child care and he hasn't been paying" Whaaaaaaaaa!! I told her that I have two kids and haven't gotten support for years!! You just do what you have to do! Plus, she is married, so it's a 2 income household. There is no excuse for her not paying for daycare!! Sorry, I don't do daycare for free!

I was hoping to have better news and have 2 new daycare families, but I guess I'm going to have to run an ad again this week and keep searching. There has to be some more great parents out there. I have 3 wonderful families now...there has to be more!!

OH and I have to mention...the hyper little 4 yo girl spilled her BLUE "Bug Juice" drink that she brought in with her... on my nice off white carpet in the daycare room. Of course I had to clean it up after they left. Mom just saw the bottle laying on its side and yelled at daughter, didn't offer to clean it up or anything and didn't even apologize for getting it on my carpet.

On a good note...The McRib is back!!! LOL - I love those things! Had one tonight!

OH MY GOSH...I almost forgot...the most drastic part of my day....I colored my hair. I am now a stunning brunette! Bye bye blondie!! I'm really going to have to get use to it. I'm SO happy I got the kind that washes out in 28 shampoos!!

~C ya~

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