November 28, 2005

Monday's Musings

Good evening! TGMIO!!!!!! (Thank God Monday Is Over) Or is almost over!
I am ready to go to bed! Or at least get my pajamas on, turn the Colts on, and get under my covers. What a day!! And it's only Monday....and that's bad when you run a daycare that's opened Monday thru Friday! AND you had a daycare dad ask if his kids could stay late this coming Friday because the ditz that runs the daycare (me) advertised in the November newsletter that for an additional fee, the daycare would be opened late every Friday evening until Christmas so that parents could do shopping....what was I thinking? Oh ya, extra Christmas money. two 17 month old daycare boys have found their screaming voices. I don't mean crying/screaming...I mean get happy, or mad or just for the heck of it screaming at the top of their lungs. Which, could be good for a couple of my other daycare kids who may actually be part deaf, cause why else would they be SO loud ALL the time. Seriously, I'm wondering if they need their hearing tested! It seems everything they say, laugh, cry, whine, or sing about is super loud! OR....could it be from a SUPER lack of discipline at home?? They have one of "those" of those wonderful "patient" moms who never raises her voice... always says in a calm quiet almost whispered voice anything and everything to her kids, even when injury or death may result. Say it with me, in a quiet voice... "No no honey, please don't put the car in drive while mommy is pumping gas". NO quieter!! You have to almost whisper when you say it!!
"No no sweetie, it's not funny when you pour baby powder on your newborn sisters see what you did sugar, your sissy can't breathe...go get mommy the phone so we can call 911...hurry honey, sissy's turning blue...hurry up sweetie...get up, get the phone for mommy and I'll get you a sucker..."
You get what I'm saying...that's not patients...that's a woman who is on zoloft, prozac, paxil, zanax, and sarafem, and couldn't get angry or yell if her life depended on it. That is not a good mom!! That is a "I can't deal with having kids so give me the drugs cop out mom." HEY! I'd love to live my life one huge buzz after another too, but I actually want to remember my kids growing up and actually instill some discipline in them. Trust me, my kids see me as anything but calm. They see me as someone who if they dared to act up in public, or at a friends house or in front of my friends or just generally misbehaving out of the boundaries of their own home, would get the living daylights knocked out of them.
But, they also see me sit down and read stories to them at least 3 times a week. They see me cry at sad commercials, sad movies and while reading blogs of parents who have terminally ill children. They hear me start my prayer out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT by saying "Dear Jesus, thank you SO much for letting me be Tyler and Taylor's mom!" and every night I mean it! And not too long ago they saw me cry while trying to revive their last gold fish...not because I cared about the fish, but because I cared about the little boy whose heart was breaking because his pet was swimming upside down and he'd already lost about 3 other fish that month. How does one revive a goldfish you ask? Well, we're not talking CPR!! Actually, I think it was the cold water that did it. The poor little thing was swimming on it's side trying so hard not to do that upside down deathstroke. I thought it was a lost cause so I took the net and put him in the toilet. Before I flushed, I saw him move and swim a I got him out and put him back in the tank...he swam a little and then started doing the upside down thing. So, I put him back in the cold toilet water again and he started swimming more...I did this a couple more times and wouldn't you know it, the thing lived. Well, only for another 12 hours...but those were GOOD hours!!! AND, we got a good picture of "Cosmo" in those 12 hours, so it's all good! We're done with fish now...except for "Smarty" who is our beta that we got from a graduation open house this past summer. OH wait...should I count the gold fish that are out in our fountain by our front walk? The ones that we've had for a couple years...the ones that get frozen all winter and thaw out in the spring? Did you know they did that??? They do!!!

Anyway....back to my original need discipline, and yelling never hurt. Although it doesn't really do any good unless it IS one of those time where injury or death could result...but anyway, when you're not on a handful of anti depressants every day, things happen, you yell and you feel better. Sometimes.

And now... I have to talk about the good part of my mom had the day off so we cooked. Yay! Ok, she cooked, but still Yay!! She cooked lunch for my daycare kids because she was already in the kitchen getting the chili we had tonight she made the kids grilled cheese AND cut them up in cute little squares AND cut the crusts off for the kids who don't like it (Tyler). I like having her around and HATE that she works. She's my mom and I want a stay at home mom dag-nab-it! OH...and she promised Tyler the next day she had off that they would make a cheesecake...and they did....and it was YUMmy!! And it's calling my name but I'm tuning it out like I do my overly loud daycare kids....

Well, it's after 10 now...and I'm so tired...the boys just came down and they got their showers on their own without being asked...Ok, so it IS a good Monday!

~go colts~