November 17, 2005

Random Thoughts

I don't really have a 'subject' that I want to talk about today, so here are some random thoughts that have been running through my brain and some updates on what we've been up to.

Taylor was the proud recipient of the stomach flu Tuesday night. I had stayed up late watching the CMA's and at about 11:30 he informed me he didn't feel good. So, I let him get in bed with me. He kept telling me he couldn't get to sleep. I told him to think about everything he wanted for Christmas and how fun Christmas day would be. That seemed to work and we fell asleep. At 2am he wakes me up and says he's going to throw up so we go into the bathroom. Nothing. We go back to bed, with a trash can next to him. About a half hour later, he's using that trash can. I'm up again, downstairs trying to find Sprite or 7up or ginger ale. NO luck. We did have some Gatorade but it was left over from early in the summer when we all had some kind of stomach flu. So, I decided Coke would work. He sipped some and fell asleep. Of course I couldn't sleep because I was afraid he was going to get sick again. He never did and I got to work 10 hours on only 2 hours of sleep. Ya know, most people at most jobs would have taken the day off, unfortunately, if I take the day off at the last minute, I get attitude for it. Thankfully (knocking on wood) no one else has gotten it. YET! Of course, it may have been from all the chocolate chip cookies Grandma made that day. She had the day off and spoiled the kids by making cookies, taking them to the store and getting them some goodies, and she even made us all dinner - homemade vegetable soup and cornbread. Yum! So, maybe it was the 10 cookies he had before bed. Ya think?!
Oh, and just to let you know...we are stocked up on "Twist Up" (the walmart version of 7up).

I read a blog the other day where someone had mentioned Walmart (and even posted and anti link) and how they try not to shop there because they are putting all the little people out of business and they are taking over and how everything they sell comes from overseas and Americans are losing jobs and blah blah blah... First off, I would just like to say it's good that people have convictions and I'm happy for that, but in all honestly, probably MOST of what these people have in their homes comes from overseas. And excuse me, but do these anti- Walmart people drive cars?? Do you think we get oil from America?? Ummm, NO! (Although we have PLENTY!!)
I will never understand why people let themselves get worked up over things that we really cannot control. It's a fact, most of the time buying American things cost an arm and a leg. Well, let's blame the Americans for making their things so darn costly!! YES, it is harder to buy things from a mom and pop store and it is more expensive to buy things handmade, and I will agree the quality is worth it, but the Americans are the ones pricing it. And I know what they say, they HAVE to raise their prices to keep up. Well, it doesn't mean hard working Americans can afford them.!
So, because these people want to make a stand, they refuse to go without, and not shop at walmart. (when they could be saving money) Not to mention most of "these people" all have computers, play stations, cameras, children's toys, etc... I'm scratching my head on this one!! Sounds a little conflicting to me.

On a small note...very disappointed with the CMA's!! Moving them out of Nashville and to New York City is a total set back to country music in my opinion and proves that they ARE in fact interested in all the fame, glitz and glory that they so adamantly deny. They would say..."Country music is all because we love country music!!" Ya, whatever! That's why half of them live out in L.A. now!! Stick to your grass roots people!! And the "redneck woman" winning female artist of the year?? Am I coming down with Taylor's wait, I just want to puke! There IS a difference between "white trash" and country folk!!! Hopefully Jenny Craig will sign her on as the 2006 spokeswoman and she can loose that beer gut she has going on! Any woman that chews needs a good dose of Martha Stewart!! OH and what does Elton John have to do with country? Anyone? Anyone?? I love Dolly Parton, but they sounded horrible together! They could have at least thrown some humor into the performance and had EJ in drag dressed as Dolly! Especially in New York City!!

~have a great day~